Algorand (ALGO), Polkadot (DOT) Show Optimism; Orbean Protocol (ORBN) Moves Forward On Golden Path

The crypto world has witnessed several ups and downs since the beginning of 2022. While many cryptocurrencies have lost ground, some new projects have entered the market with a promising future. For instance, Orbeon Protocol (ORBN), a new crypto project, became the favorite of bulls soon after it entered the market. Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) was … Read more

OKX Introduces World Cup NFTs With Huge Prizes

Top crypto exchange OKX has launched World Cup NFTs, where participants stand to win great prizes. The initiative aims to capitalize on the World Cup craze as football takes center stage for the next month. The NFTs are part of the OKX Football Cup. The tournament allows participants to mint their favorite teams’ NFTs and … Read more

Ankr, a leading Web3 infrastructure company, becomes an RPC provider to the Sui blockchain

Ankr, an RPC provider of choice to over 39 blockchains, announced a partnership with the Sui, a permissionless layer-1 blockchain designed from the ground up to enable creators and developers to build experiences for the next billion users in Web3.  An acronym for remote procedure call, an RPC node enables users to read blockchain data … Read more

Free Crypto Education Courses from Binance with NFT Certificates

Binance announced they offer free online crypto courses relating to NFTs, the Metaverse, blockchain tech and Web3 via the Binance Academy education platform. Any person who finishes the six modules will receive NFT certification in recognition of completion. The idea behind Binance Academy’s free crypto courses is to educate the public on blockchain fundamentals and … Read more

Three projects ready to capitalize on the bear market: Gala (GALA), Avalanche (AVAX), and Orbeon Protocol (ORBN)

Gala (GALA) and Avalanche (AVAX) have good potential to be the winners of this bear market, as they have solid fundamentals and are trading at low levels currently. Orbeon Protocol is the best of the bunch, as its utility will carry the project through the bear market. Orbeon is now in phase two of its … Read more

6 Designs Digitized As Part Of Givenchy NFTs   

Luxury clothing brand Givenchy has released a capsule collection of phygitals, a combination of physical products accompanied by digital twins. The collection is inspired by six designs that are part of the company. In total, there are 360 Givenchy NFTs based on the six designs, which range from €520 to €4,790.    Individuals based in the … Read more

Celebrate the World Cup and Play in the Illuminate Fantasy League, Powered by Polkamarkets

Polkamarkets Labs Nov 21 · 4 min read Celebrate the World Cup and Play in the Illuminate Fantasy League, powered by Polkamarkets Come celebrate the Football World Cup 2022 with the Moonbeam Community and play in the Illuminate Fantasy League, powered by Polkamarkets! Polkamarkets Labs is joining the Moonbeam Foundation and other projects developing on … Read more

OceanDAO Round 23 Results

16 proposals received and 256,869 OCEAN granted Hello, Ocean Community! The OceanDAO is honoured to share the results of round 23, the final round of our community grants initiative: A total of 256,869 OCEAN was available. The conversion rate of 0.136 OCEAN/USD. A final amount of 35,000 USD (at time of the voting deadline) was … Read more

Performance in Code: Deciphering Value in Generative Art Exhibition at Art Basel Miami Beach 2022, Powered by Tezos

Performance in Code: Deciphering Value in Generative Art, powered by energy-efficient blockchain Tezos in collaboration with generative art platform fxhash at Art Basel Miami Beach will be on public view from December 1st – December 3rd, 2022, at the Miami Convention Center. The interactive live-minting experience, presented in partnership with fxhash, enables visitors to mint … Read more

What are immersive NFTs?

Two-dimensional NFT artworks, such as images, music, and videos, still dominate the NFT scene. However, NFTs now extend into the third dimension thanks to immersive technologies like AR and VR.  Immersive NFTs will allow us to create entirely new experiences in the metaverse. This new class of NFTs enables users to interact and engage with content in unexpected … Read more