Pinknode is now listed on Shiden’s dApp Staking Platform!

Pinknode Dec 1 · 5 min read Pinknode’s continuous involvement in collaborative endeavours with existing partners is an integral aspect of our commitment to advance the expansion and adoption of their projects and the Polkadot ecosystem. We are proud to announce that Pinknode has successfully enrolled into the Shiden Builders Program and has been whitelisted … Read more

Coinversation Community Partner Program is Now Live!!

Coinversation Protocol Just now·4 min read Since Coinversation was launched, it has received the enthusiasm of users from all over the world and the attention of Polkadot enthusiasts. In order to better build the Coinversation community, expand the community scale and integrate more fans into the community, Coinversation has launched a community partner recruitment plan, … Read more

The 2nd September batch of Kusama parachain auctions. Let’s remember the main contenders!

The second batch of parachain auctions on Kusama began on September, let’s remember the main contenders, ranging from a decentralized identity protocol to a platform that turns real estate into NFTs. KILT, Calamari, and Basilisk have taken an early lead in the crowdloan campaign, but who had the best chances to win a parachain slot … Read more

What’s Next for Genshiro

Equilibrium Dec 1 · 2 min read Huge Congratulations to our Lucky Winners! Recently, we’ve announced the winners of the Genshiro Megaboost in the Community Call. Our Megaboost lottery allowed our lucky winners to get hold of the additional GENS grants. We have randomly picked: 5 “big boys” from the list of top 20 users … Read more

UPDATE | Parami Weekly (Nov. 22- Nov. 28)

Parami Protocol Just now·2 min read This week, we have focused on optimizing Parami Dapp’s user experience. One more exciting feature for you, forwarding the ad will now be rewarded, too! Technology Progress Wallet supported OWC verification in Twitter binding Social App supported Twitter and Discord account binding, ensuring that one account can only be … Read more

TrustFi Loyalty Governance Pool is Coming

TrustFi Network Just now·3 min read Dear Community, We are glad to announce that our TrustFi Loyalty Governance Pool will be launched on the 1st of Dec.. All TFI holders can join it and get guaranteed allocations in upcoming IDOs launched this month. TrustFi Loyalty Governance Pool is just like a normal Farm Pool for … Read more

Stable asset H2O backed by $OCEAN is launched by New Order together with Reflexer Labs

The team at Ocean is thrilled to announce that New Order and Reflexer Labs will launch H2O, an $OCEAN backed, non-pegged stable asset. It’s based on the RAI stable asset by Reflexer Labs. Like RAI, it is decentralized, permissionless, and minimizes governance. New Order DAO is driving this initiative. They are a community-driven venture DAO … Read more

Equilibrium In Review: November 2021

Equilibrium Nov 30 · 4 min read Тhis November was rich in events. Winter is coming so we’ve decided to warm our users’ hearts with several bonuses and exciting novelties. Please check out the soundbyte headlines below, and read on for further detail on each. The first three topics are sure to set a festive … Read more

Monthly Update #November 2021: Coinversation’s New Official Website is Online, CTO Lists, 24H Vol…

Coinversation Protocol Just now·4 min read Coinversation’s new official website is online $CTO listed on MEXC, and started 35th kickstarter, and the total amount exceeded $1M in 24H Coinversation had completed the Para ID registration of Polkadot Parachain 1. Community Progress Coinversation Twitter has exceeded 34,000 followers. 2. Coinverstion’s EVM version DEX-Kaco Finance’s Twitter reach … Read more

Equilibrium Allocates 200,000 EQ To Boost Astar Crowdloan

Equilibrium Nov 29 · 2 min read Equilibrium’s xDOT (the liquid DOT staking product) is moving forward to provide more value to the Polkadot community. We are teaming with Astar, one of the top three crowdloan projects on Polkadot’s auction, offering a doubled crowdloan bonus and allocating a chunk of 200,000 EQ tokens to reward … Read more