The Top 3- Pros & Cons of Investing in NFTs 

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) may be something you’ve considered investing in. But what does it mean to “invest in NFTs or digital art”? What are the pros and cons? It’s good to learn about it before investing in any digital asset. First of all, “investing in the NFT marketplace” is a lousy name because NFTs are … Read more

How the Metaverse Could Add $3 Trillion to the Global Economy

Analysis Group, one of the biggest and most renowned consultation businesses throughout the globe, posted meticulous research into the likely economic impact of the metaverse. The report highlighted that it could potentially inject a whopping $3 trillion into the world economy in the coming decade.  The metaverse became a widely discussed topic of interest shortly … Read more

Nitro League Releases Updated Roadmap To Launch It’s Racing Metaverse

Nitro League – a decentralized racing metaverse – announced the release of its updated roadmap. As the team behind the first racing metaverse continues to make waves in the NFT and blockchain communities, several important milestones have been met and scheduled. The launch of the Nitro garage, a 2D simulation for the racing aspect of … Read more