OceanDAO Round 8 Results

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5 new funded projects join OceanDAO; over 150K OCEAN burned

Ocean Protocol Team

Hello, Ocean Community!

  • 1-Project / 1-Proposal: Proposal Template & Advisor Roles
  • Vote Counting: Yes minus No Votes
  • Decentralizing Rules: Bot Checking
  • Extended extra 12 hours to voting window

Round 8 Rules

  • Voting closed on Aug 9th at 12:00 GMT
  • 12 funded or partially funded
  • 72 Unique Wallets Voted
  • 369 voters across all proposals (same wallet can vote on multiple proposals)
  • 323 total Yes votes
  • 46 total No Votes
  • 12,801,504.58 $OCEAN voted Yes on proposals
  • 8,618,111.68 $OCEAN voted No on proposals
  • 21,419,616.26 $OCEAN Tokens voted across all proposals

Congratulations to the grant recipients! These projects have received an OceanDAO grant in the form of $OCEAN tokens.

Earmarked Grants

Continue to support and track progress on all of the Grant Recipients here!

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