OceanDAO Round 9 Results

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Ocean Protocol Team

7 new funded projects join OceanDAO; over 40K OCEAN burned

The OceanDAO is pleased to share the results of the 9th round of our community grants initiative.

A total of 300,000 USD was available in OceanDAO Round 9. At a conversion rate of 0.77 OCEAN/USD, 389,610 OCEAN tokens were available.

In Round 9, all participants were funded without any projects being downvoted and the excess of funds that were not allocated to any grants recipients will be burned. OCEAN burned is a signal of the extra room available for new grants.

The results are in:

Round 9 included 7 first-time projects and 10 returning projects requesting follow-up funding.

349,001.00 $OCEAN has been granted and 41,240.68 $OCEAN will be burned in Round 9.

Ocean Protocol is dedicating ever-growing resources for growth, any amount remaining and not captured by proposals, is burned. In addition, more voters are voicing their opinion and demanding projects to increase transparency and collaboration with the community.

Burned $OCEAN will be sent to address 0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dEaD, forever decreasing total $OCEAN in circulation.

OceanDAO Round 10 and announcements are coming tomorrow. Keep an eye out on Twitter @oceanprotocol and our blog for the full announcement. New highlights include:

  • New funding tiers
  • Decentralized dispute resolution

For up-to-date information on getting started with OceanDAO, we invite you to get involved and learn more about Ocean’s community-curated funding on the OceanDAO website.

The goal is to grow the DAO each round. We encourage the Ocean ecosystem to apply or re-apply AND to vote! Thank you to all of the participants, voters, and proposers.

Round 9 Rules

Proposals with 50% or more “Yes” Votes received a grant, until the “Total Round Funding Available” is depleted in descending number of votes received order.

29% of “Total Round Funding Available” was earmarked for New Projects. Earmarked proposals were eligible for entire “Total Round Funding Available”; returning (general) grants were eligible for 71%.

The grant proposals from the snapshot ballot that met these criteria were selected to receive their $OCEAN Amount Requested to foster positive value creation for the overall Ocean ecosystem.

  • Voting opened on Sept 9th at 23:59 GMT
  • Voting closed on Sept 13th at 23:59 GMT

Proposal Vote Results:

  • 17 proposals submitted
  • 17 funded or partially funded
  • 29 Unique Wallets Voted
  • 204 voters across all proposals (same wallet can vote on multiple proposals)
  • 195 total Yes votes
  • 9 total No Votes
  • 16,119,232.40 $OCEAN voted Yes on proposals
  • 146,450.94 $OCEAN voted No on proposals
  • 16,265,683.34 $OCEAN Tokens voted across all proposals
  • 349,001.00 $OCEAN has been granted
  • 41,240.68 $OCEAN will be burned

See all the expanded proposal details on the Round 9 Ocean Port Forum!

If your Proposal was voted to receive a grant, if you haven’t already, please submit a Request Invoice to the Ocean Protocol Foundation (OPF) for the Ocean Granted amount.

Hama, today most of web2 is dominated by web services (REST, SOAP, Graph etc.). It is a multi billion dollar market that is ready to be disrupted. Hama aims to provide an efficient solution to these service providers to monetise and access control their services using Ocean Protocol.

WorkPi uses Compute-To-Data algorithms on data enclosed in personal Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) wallets without compromising privacy, we call this Compute-To-SSI.

Datalatte.ai empowers internet users to monetize their own data and provide data scientists with access to non-identifiable users’ data using AI Feature Store at an affordable price.

Ocean Greek Community will create an Ocean Protocol newsletter/blog for the Greek community that will include the most relevant Ocean Protocol blog posts translated in Greek and the podcasts (that are included in the blog posts) in video format with subtitles (Creation of English subtitles as well). Also, create social media channels in order to build the community. Hosted at https://www.oceanprotocol.gr

Duggie is building a Decentralised Protocol that Leverages Crowdsourced Wisdom to source pet stories on the internet, annotate the stories into data unions and publish the stories on OCEAN with the owners/sponsors rewarded with data tokens.

General Grants

Finalized Votes4LPs enables Uniswap V2, Uniswap V3 and Bancor stakers vote in OceanDAO.

DataUnion Foundation uses blockchain technology to establish DataUnions that enable local income, quality data, and data co-ownership.

DataX ‘s vision is a one-stop shop for all Data DeFi needs. We are helping to make data a liquid asset.

Data Whale develops tools that encourage the utility and outreach of Data Tokens. This proposal aims to guarantee the continuity of Data Whale’s efforts to successfully build Data Token infrastructure and promote the eco-system around Ocean Protocol.

Project Coral’s primary goal is to spread the adoption of Web3 technology amongst the scientific community. To reflect this goal, we propose the number of scientific research objects that are created on our platform as a new metric. These projects will be composed of datasets, algorithms, models, and other scientific digital objects, some of which are data tokens.

Ocean Pearl makes it easy to keep track of all proposals, deliverables, progress, and impact on the OceanDAO ecosystem. Users who want to vote also need to touch several platforms to inform themselves (Github, port, vote). As a project owner, you have to write a new proposal based on a text template which is not ideal as formatting differences make it very difficult for automated software to extract the relevant information from a proposal.

Algovera Onshore tackles the general lack of data scientists in the Ocean eco-system. At the same time, there is a demand side issue for datasets on the marketplace. We are onboarding data scientists to Ocean who are natural consumers of data. Web3 values ensure that data scientists have ownership over their creations, and also push towards decentralization of AI.

Posthuman AI allows training and inference of advanced NLP models without viewing model parameters (i.e. ZK-training and inference), using Compute to Data.

ResilientML are developing robust, resilient, interpretable machine learning solutions to data analytics challenges in the blockchain space by combining cutting-edge academic research and industry experience.

Disrupt MLS cuts out the realtors, traditional MLS and associated fees. It takes seller listings and puts them where buyers are, on sites like realtor.com 2, zillow, etc.

Homomorphic Encryption based solution preserves intellectual property and/or privacy of monetized data for participant X and AT THE SAME TIME preserving intellectual property and/or privacy of the monetized algorithm/model applied on that data for participant Y for applications in healthcare and finance.

RAZ Finance catalyzes decentralized economic opportunities by providing collaborative ESG, sustainability, impact and investment data management solutions that enable the realization of verified outcomes

Much more to come — join our Town Halls to stay up to date and see you in Round 9. Thank you!

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