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Oct 14 · 3 min read

We on the Equilibrium and Genshiro team are committed to developing high-level financial technology for DeFi users. And now the Genshiro dApp has an improved visual interface to more closely match the smoothness of its actual behind-the-scenes operations.

This fresh interface is available on the testnet as well as to closed beta participants on the mainnet. The current closed beta APY is over 30% and TVL is $2,3 million! If you want to get access, it’s not too late — just ask active users in our chat for an invitation.

Let’s go through the updated interface of the Geshiro dApp.

The main dashboard shows a table of available assets and a number of statistics for each: total collateral, total borrowed, total liquidity, amount available to borrow, the supply APR, and borrower APR.

It also displays the total value locked within our protocol, the total supply, the total amount borrowed, and the total collateral backing those positions.

Become a liquidity provider

Under the “Earn” tab, we have a form that lets you become a liquidity provider and earn yield on your contributions to the pool. These earnings are coming from interest paid by borrowers in the system and our liquidity farming program. Enter your amount to stake (and select which asset), check out the information that populates on how much you can expect to be paid, and click deposit to get started.

Become a borrower

If you want to move the other direction, then click on the “Borrow” tab. You can enter an amount of a certain asset to borrow by locking an according amount of collateral. An info panel will populate with all the relevant information pertaining to your borrowing costs, and you can finalize your borrowing by clicking the “Borrow” button.

In further, you can affect interest you pay on your loan by locking either more assets or less volatile collateral. In this case the interest may decrease gradually depending on the overall risk of your position. This is a special feature that differentiates us from other lending protocols.

Join the liquidity farming and get over 30% APY

Genshiro of course supports liquidity farming, as we already mentioned. Click on the “Farming” tab to get started: you can calculate your rewards based on how much liquidity you supply to the system per day, month, and year. When you see a configuration you like, click on “Deposit to the liquidity pool” to get started collecting passive crypto income.

Convenient portfolio management

The “Portfolio” tab is where you can check to see how your portfolio is doing. It will display your historic performance, as well as give you a graphical representation of your risk profile.

We’ve put a lot of effort into making Genshiro easy to use and simple to interact with. We’re glad to be releasing this intuitive interface to our pack of existing users, as well as any new users that come aboard. The future of finance deserves a simple and straightforward interface, and we think this really checks that box.

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