You don’t need to go far to help the nature, just mint on KodaDot!

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Article describing KodaDot and RMTerra reforestation initiative

One of the creators and contestants from KodaDot community joined the movement by creating KodaForest banner! Shoutout to gggarl for this creation!

Carbon neutral blockchains, climmate changes, global heating. All these topics are worth diving deep into. Our mission here is not only to build beautiful application and connect in metaverse, but to also give back in various ways. You might’ve heard that some blockchains (for example Polkadot) have the least carbon footprint. But what does that mean? How does this get calculated? We’ll dive deeper into this later in the article.

Likewise at KodaDot, we are carbon neutral and to push it even further, we decided to start a reforestation campaign with RMTerra.

So.. What is RMTerra and why cooperate with them?

RMTerra started in early 2017, when fires in Portugal struck more than 53,000 hectares of land, including 20,000 hectares of forest and destroyed animal houses and local ecosystem. RMTerra has quite simple, yet very important values: Earth care, Care of people and Fair share. The project has many other initiatives, for example building nurseries, educating people around blockchain technologies, carbon neutrality and empowering other people to do something in similiar fashion.

What is Kodaforest?

What we believe is a stepping stone and definitely a differentiator from other cooperations, Pedro Marques, the founder of RMTerra describes KodaForest like this: Here at RMTerra we don’t want to just plant trees, we want to unite community, we want to create links between nature and all human beings. KodaForest represents that special connection between community and nature.

This is a continuous effort

Even though you are reading this article in March, the initiative from KodaDot to start the reforestation process has begun way sooner. Starting from November 2021, already 900 trees were planted and that’s just the begining. Our goal is to educate people about blockchain technologies, how they can help the world and how everyone can participate even by minting nfts. Did you know, that every minted nft helps this process? Simply by using the platform and sharing KodaDot and Kodaforest, you are directly supporting reforestation!

Dive into Carbon footprints

Instead of requiring computational power to solve mining puzzles for securing the network in PoW, PoS requires validators to lock in funds for a specific period of time to propose or vote on new blocks. Polkadot and Kusama are running on these PoS systems.

Due to the nature of the software engineering process and network architectures, different PoS systems rely on varying fundamentals regarding the hardware requirements, programming language, network size, transaction throughput, transaction complexity, and more. These factors influence the electricity consumption and, therefore, the carbon footprint of a respective network.

So far we can see by comparing Polkadot to other networks, it has the least carbon emissions between the measured candidates. Research done by Crypto Carbon Ratings Institute was done in our eyes thoroughly and describes all the reason when this may vary depending on other factors.

How we understand Proof of Work
The job is being done daily and if you wanna verify some of the details, feel free and head on to RMTerra twitter where you can follow latest updates around KodaForest and also check #KodaForest!

We are just beginning

Do you want to participate in KodaForest? We are exploring new ideas and ways to involve community more into this initiative. Feel free to visit our discord channel regarding KodaForest or ping us on twitter, where we discuss possiblites and also post new pictures from the forest.

Also by joining our discord you can easily track when our community calls happen, there’ll definitely be one regarding KodaForest soon!

PS: Are you creator? We have monthly design initiatives! Shot out to deepologic for this creation.

Let’s stay in touch

We encourage you to join the discussion in our discord channels.

Also following KodaDot twitter may result in being first to know about upcoming contests and initiatives. RMTerra share interesting topics too!

And finally, having look at what we do in terms of code.

See you around!

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