Announcing Market News Public Beta

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Announcing Market News Public Beta

Polkamarkets Labs is thrilled to release the Market News feature in public Beta, a dynamic markets news aggregator that brings the latest and most relevant news articles to each prediction market.

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Better information for forecasters and the general public

What if you could get the latest news and forecasts about interesting topics in one place?

By combining news articles with prediction markets, we are empowering both forecasters with up-to-date information and the general public seeking insights about topics that matter to them. What the world knows (the news articles) and what forecasters believe will happen related to those topics (predictions), in one place.

This is really important. Prediction markets are often right when pundits and polls aren’t. In a post-truth and polarized world, society needs more and better tools to cut through the noise. At Polkamarkets Labs, we strongly believe in the positive role prediction markets play in providing better insights for better governance.

News (Beta) — each market has its own relevant news information for Polkamarkets users’ decision-making

Market News Public Beta

The Market News feature is currently available in Beta and provides in-app, up-to-date information about prediction markets in all categories.

Every market in the Polkamarkets app now has relevant and fresh articles in the “News” tab. Articles are fetched automatically upon market creation and cached in a database for performance, then refreshed hourly.

News are selected based on keywords extracted via Natural Language Processing (NLP) and fetched using a third-party news API service. This feature is an open-source implementation, so any Polkamarkets-powered marketplace and other developers can also use or replicate the feature. Check out our GitHub repositories if you’re a developer!

News (Beta) — an example of a News (Beta) for an Esports match

We’ll keep improving our algorithm to maximize the relevance of the articles associated with each. During this beta period, we ask Polkamarkets users to provide us with feedback so that we can keep iterating and making the feature better. Join our Discord community!

A webapp-only feature

Polkamarkets is a fully decentralized protocol: you don’t depend on any single application or entity to create markets, place predictions, or resolve markets. The Market News feature is not blockchain-based and is an example of the additional value that client applications can bring on top of the core protocol.

All the feedback is welcomed and you can use our Discord Server and channels below:

  • #suggestions — Any feedback on improvements we can implement to make Polkamarkets protocol great.
  • #help — Troubleshooting and any issues you found while using Polkamarkets protocol.

Polkamarkets Labs strives to add value to the prediction markets industry, by providing a fully open-source toolkit and protocol that anyone can leverage. We’re currently focused on the Polkadot, Kusama, and EVM-compatible ecosystems.

You can learn more about our upcoming work in our Public Roadmap, which lists our R&D efforts. We update it every couple of weeks. Stay tuned and up to date by joining our Discord Server.

About Polkamarkets

Polkamarkets is an Autonomous Prediction Market Protocol built for multi-chain information exchange and trading where users take positions on outcomes of real-world events–in decentralized and interoperable EVMs.






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