Data Farming DF27 Completes and DF28 Launches. DF Main is Here!

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Data Farming Round 29 is here (DF29).

DF29 is the first week for DF Main, the final phase of DF! This week, users can earn rewards up to 150K OCEAN. In DF Main, weekly rewards will grow to 1M+ OCEAN.

The article “Ocean Data Farming Main is Here” has the full details of DF Main. In fact, it’s a self-contained description of Ocean Data Farming (DF), including all the details that matter. It is up-to-date with the latest reward function, weekly OCEAN allocation, and estimates of APYs given the current amount of OCEAN staked.

The rest of this article is the “usual” weekly update: recap of the previous week, and details of the upcoming week.

DF is like DeFi liquidity mining or yield farming, but is tuned to drive data consume volume (DCV) in the Ocean ecosystem. It rewards stakers with OCEAN who allocate voting power to curate data assets with high DCV.

To participate, users lock OCEAN to receive veOCEAN, then allocate veOCEAN to promising data assets (data NFTs) via the DF dapp.

DF28 counting started 12:01am Mar 9, 2022 and ended 12:01am Mar 16, 2023. 75K OCEAN worth of rewards were available. Those rewards are now ready for claiming. You can claim them at the DF dapp Claim Portal.

DF29 is live and will conclude on Mar 23, 2023.

DF Round 29 (DF29) is the first week of DF Main. Details of DF Main can be found here.

The rest of this post describes how to claim rewards (section 2), and DF29 overview (section 3).

As a participant, follow these step on how to claim rewards:

  • Go to DF dapp Claim Portal
  • Connect your wallet
  • Passive and Active Rewards are distributed on Ethereum mainnet. Click “Claim”, sign the tx, and collect your rewards

Rewards accumulate over weeks so you can claim rewards at your leisure. If you claim weekly, you can re-stake your rewards for compound gains.

DF29 is part of DF Main, phase 1. This phase emits 150K OCEAN / week and runs for 52 weeks total. (A detailed DF Main schedule is here.)

Ocean currently supports five production networks: Ethereum Mainnet, Polygon, BSC, EWC, and Moonriver. DF applies to data on all of them.

Some key parameters:

  • Total budget is 150,000 OCEAN.
  • 50% of the budget goes to passive rewards (75,000 OCEAN) — rewarding users who hold veOCEAN (locked OCEAN)
  • 50% of the budget goes to active rewards (75,000 OCEAN) — rewarding users who allocate their veOCEAN towards productive datasets (having DCV).

Active rewards are calculated as follows:

For further details, see the “DF Reward Function Details” in DF Main Appendix.

As usual, the Ocean core team reserves the right to update the DF rewards function and parameters, based on observing behavior. Updates are always announced at the beginning of a round, if not sooner.

DF28 has completed. To claim rewards, go to DF dapp Claim Portal.

DF29 begins Mar 16, 2023 at 12:01am UTC. It ends Mar 23, 2023 at 12:01am UTC.

DF28 is part of DF Main. For this phase of DF Main, the rewards budget is 150K OCEAN / week.

The Data Farming Series post collects key articles and related resources about DF.

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