Gemba, A Leading Enterprise Metaverse Platform, Secures $18 Million in Funding

Gemba, a virtual reality workforce training platform, is set to become the leading enterprise metaverse platform after securing $18 million in funding. The Series A funding round led by Parkway Venture Capital now leaves the platform valued at $60 million. The platform specializes in Virtual Reality as a Service (VRaaS). Its proprietary VR technology combines … Read more

NFT Sales Volume Rise in Consecutive Months Prompts Excitement

NFT sales volume is up for the second consecutive month, eliciting excitement within the Web3 community. Now even the most optimistic can’t help but wonder if the bear market is over. It’s been a torrid 2022 for NFTs and the crypto market in general, with most projects losing nearly all of their value. However, 2023 … Read more

Flawed OpenSea Stolen Item Policy Is Costing Users Funds

The faulty OpenSea stolen item policy is costing the platform’s users lots of funds. At least that is the opinion of Franklin, the sixth largest holder of Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs. In a space of a few days, scammers gamed the policy to sell him stolen BAYC NFTs. Unfortunately, there is no way for … Read more

Microsoft’s Metaverse Dream Is In Jeopardy Following Massive Layoffs

Microsoft’s Metaverse dream appears to be in limbo after the tech giant laid off over 10,000 employees. Most of the departments affected include those running the AR and VR projects, the two key components of the metaverse. Now, the company is likely to pause its development of the HoloLens and other headset-based projects. The massive … Read more

Rarible Launches Marketplace Builder for Polygon NFT Collections

Polygon’s popularity within the NFT space has earned the chain its own NFT marketplace builder tool from Rarible. This is due to its growing popularity as a favorite destination for some leading NFT projects. Rarible also offers a marketplace builder for Ethereum collections. The marketplace builder went live on Thursday and requires zero coding knowledge … Read more

Binance Will Delist NFTs With Low Trading Volume

Binance will delist NFTs with low trading volume on its platform starting next month as it revamps its KYC rules. The move comes two days after the platform was implicated in a money laundering scandal by FinCEN. According to a company statement made on January 19, the platform will delist all NFTs listed before October … Read more

National Geographic’s First NFT Launch Backfires

When National Geographic announced its first NFT collection, they did not expect the kind of backlash they received. The nature-centric magazine hoped its audience would embrace NFTs. After all, the magazine has dedicated its efforts to covering animals such as apes, which happen to be quite popular within the NFT space. Problems began on Monday … Read more

New Projects Aim To Make Web3 Gaming Sustainable

At the height of NFT hype, Web3 gaming stood tallest. However, most of these games relying on the “play to earn” model to incentivize players have proved unsustainable during bear markets. Typically, in-game items such as NFTs, or platform native tokens, are used to reward players for their efforts and time. The only problem is … Read more

NFT Influencer has Wallet Drained After Clicking Google Ad

An NFT influencer is reeling after his crypto wallet was drained after he clicked on a Google Ad containing malware. The influencer notes that he was trying to download video streaming software. Instead of going for the organic result, he opted for the Google Ad link, thinking it was the same thing. What he didn’t … Read more