Equilibrium And Multichain Have Agreed To Improve Upon Their Bridging Solution

Equilibrium Mar 17 · 2 min read Dear Equilibrium community, in our bid to bring transparency and clarity to our communication efforts we are addressing ETH and USDC token support on Equilibrium. We are happy to announce a new and improved bridging solution that we are working on in collaboration with our partners from Multichain. … Read more

Bridging EQ From Ethereum To Equilibrium In A Single Transaction: Easy Guide

Equilibrium Mar 15 · 2 min read Go to app.equilibrium.io Navigate to Wallet 3. Click on Deposit 4. Select Ethereum 5. Connect Metamask 6. Input amount 7. Click on Deposit 8. Confirm transaction in Metamask. Make sure there is enough ETH in your wallet for gas fees 9. Click “open” on the Success screen to … Read more

How To Transfer EQ To Ethereum: Step-By-Step Guide

Equilibrium Mar 9 · 3 min read Go to https://app.equilibrium.io/ Navigate to Wallet 3. Click on Withdraw 4. Select Moonbeam 5. Input Moonbeam address in Ethereum format (0x123…). This is the same address that you see in Metamask 6. Select the amount to transfer. Withdrawals to Moonbeam are very cheap so it makes sense to … Read more

Equilibrium (EQ) Is Now Listed on MEXC.com

Equilibrium Mar 9 · 2 min read Equilibrium’s native token, EQ is officially listed on MEXC.com in the Innovation Zone! Date: March 9 Time: 2 PM UTC Trading Pair(s): EQ/USDT (spot trading/Innovation Zone) MEXC has opened deposits for EQ and enabled trading for the EQ/USDT trading pair. Withdrawals for EQ will begin on March 10 … Read more

Equilibrium (EQ) to be Listed on Gate.io on March 9

Equilibrium Mar 4 · 2 min read We are excited to announce Equilibrium’s EQ token will be listed on Gate.io! Date: March 9 Time: 12 PM UTC Trading pair: EQ/USDT Equilibrium facilitates a range of DeFi services accessible via an easy-to-use interface and three core products. EQD, a decentralized USD-pegged stablecoin can be transferred trustlessly … Read more

Equilibrium and Phala Network Integrate to Empower Trustless Computing in DeFi

Equilibrium Mar 2 · 3 min read Equilibrium is excited to announce its integration with the Phala Network, a decentralized, scalable cloud computing protocol. Phala Network uses its Secure Enclaves to facilitate a robust, protected, and scalable trustless computing cloud experience. Equilibrium offers a full suite of DeFi products, including a money market, insurance pool, … Read more

Equilibrium and Litentry Integrate to Enable Bi-Directional Transactions and Expand Use Cases for…

Equilibrium Mar 1 · 3 min read Equilibrium is thrilled to announce its integration with Litentry, cross-chain identity aggregator that enables users to link their identities in a privacy-preserving context. Litentry aims to give users full control over their personal data and enable them to gain social and economic value from it. The protocol and … Read more

Equilibrium 27th Community Call Recap

Equilibrium Feb 27 · 7 min read We were excited to host members of our community on our second community call for 2023. There were lots of talking points and guests from our partner networks shared their thoughts on our recent partnerships. The call was hosted by Alex Melikhov, our CEO, and Natalie Cheah from … Read more

The Ghost Chain Syndrome: Comparing the Similarities Between Polkadot and EOSIO Situations

Equilibrium Feb 25 · 7 min read On a glorious autumn morning in Stuttgart, the city was abuzz with the sudden news. Peter Ruchatz of Parity Technologies had an important announcement that promised media attention from around the globe: Gavin Wood, founder, and CEO of Parity Technologies for over eight years will be transitioning out … Read more

Equilibrium and Bifrost Integrate to Support Bi-directional Token Transactions

Equilibrium Feb 24 · 2 min read Equilibrium is thrilled to partner with Bifrost, a web3 derivatives protocol providing secure and efficient cross-chain liquidity for staked assets through its XCM integration. This integration expands the potential use cases for staked assets across blockchains and enables our community to leverage liquid staking services for multiple chains. … Read more