Gen Z can’t get enough of NFTs and Cryptocurrencies

NFTS and Crypto-assets offer attractive opportunities for ‘Zoomers’ – the digital Generation Z poised to take over the global trade and usage of digital assets. However, in a currently unregulated and often risky space – these young trendsetters need to be careful. FOMO? When we consider the technology behind crypto assets, it comes as no … Read more

It’s time for the Robinhood NFT Marketplace

Robinhood is one of the most successful trading platforms in recent years, the company gained success as a retail platform, and now it’s entering the NFT marketplace space It’s Robinhood O’clock You may be familiar with the stock trading platform Robinhood; the retail platform has registered a considerable amount of success since its launch. Robinhood … Read more

Venture capitalists ready for big returns with NFTs

As the stock and crypto markets continue to underperform, venture capitalists are beginning to look towards NFTs to offer substantial returns to help with survival and growth NFTs as the saving grace 2022 has been a sad year for investors globally because, after sustained periods of growth motivated by the pandemic and other factors, global … Read more

Automakers believe NFTs are the key to engaging the next generation

Automakers globally are beginning to realize the potential of NFTs and Web3 technology to engage the next generation of car owners. Gen Z: A generation unlike any other In recent years, companies have been trying to better understand and make sense of members of GenZ (Gen Z generally includes people born in the late 1990s … Read more

Chainsmokers set to share 1% of royalties with fans

Chainsmokers are set to revolutionize the music industry as the music band is ready to share royalties of their new album with 5,000 lucky fans thanks to the power of NFTs. Chainsmokers in the Web3 space A few years ago, some stakeholders in the NFT space predicted that NFTs would infiltrate every facet of life … Read more

Opensea plans to take action against fake NFTs

As the popularity of NFTs grows, many people, entities, and organizations see them as a get money quick scheme, and a lot of the time, they take illegal actions to achieve their goals. NFTs created using stolen art A few months ago, the story of NFTs being created using stolen artworks hit our airwaves. The … Read more