5 Types of DAO Tools You Should Know About

DAOs, decentralized autonomous organizations, are community-led organizations with no central authority. They function similarly to grassroots movements, where a group of people with a shared mission come together. As far as the goals are concerned, the types of DAOs vary considerably. There are media DAOs like Bankless DAO, collector DAOs like FlamingoDAO, and protocol DAOs like … Read more

Turning Points in the History of Augmented Reality

Augmented reality technology witnessed many breakthroughs throughout history until it gained the traction it has today. Without further ado, here are the major turning points in the history of overlaying computer-generated information onto the real world.  History of early research on augmented reality Computer scientists, artists, and researchers ushered in the era of augmented reality … Read more

How is Voice Tech Related to the Metaverse?

Do you talk to your voice-enabled devices and prefer voice search over typing to find information online? Voice control technologies led by industry heavyweights like Amazon Alexa, Apple’s Siri, and Google Assistant have enjoyed a rapid rise in recent years. People like them because they allow for authentic, natural interactions and are instinctive.  Voice tech is also the gateway … Read more

What is Decentralized Messaging?

Decentralized messaging enables peer-to-peer encrypted communication where no central servers violate user privacy by storing data. Blockchain stores data in blocks over distributed networks as a type of distributed ledger technology. Therefore, most of today’s decentralized messaging solutions leverage blockchain technology.  Interoperable applications allow us to develop and use different types of applications for communication. … Read more

How NFT Marketing Augments Modern Approaches

Thanks to the value propositions brought by NFT membership and ownership, companies can develop strong customer ties that endure over a long time. This, in return, increases the lifetime value of their customers.  In addition to leveraging such benefits, successful NFT marketing campaigns capitalize on driving forces that shape today’s modern marketing. These are forces like growing … Read more

Persistent AR: Why is it Crucial for the Metaverse?

Persistence is the ability to place things in space and make them stay in the same position over time. As such, persistent AR solutions enable the permanent placement of virtual content across multiple user sessions in an augmented scene. When you return to the AR application, you find the same content – such as objects and … Read more

Metaverse Lingo Made Easy: Here are 20 Terms You Should Know

Technologies expand along with their languages. As the metaverse ecosystem keeps flourishing, so does its vocabulary. It isn’t easy to keep up with all the emerging terms, but here are 20 terms that can function as conversation starters.  Metaverse terms for world-building and real-world reference #1 Mirrorworld A mirrorworld is a digitally rendered representation of … Read more

Why Mint NFTs with Zero Knowledge Proof?

Public ledgers record data transparently so that anyone can view transactions. But at the same time, this lack of privacy hinders widespread blockchain adoption. We need approaches to ensure high levels of transparency without sacrificing privacy.  Zero-knowledge proof is a method that can be deployed to mitigate privacy-related concerns. It is a cryptographic technique that … Read more

DOGAMÍ Raises a Total of $14M in Seed Funding to Develop First Web3 Mobile Game

DOGAMÍ, a Web3 game featuring companion pets, raised $7M in a seed funding round led by Berlin and Paris-based VC firm XAnge. The investment round also included Bpifrance, a French investment bank, Wagram Capital, and Blockchain Founders Fund.  The $7M seed funding follows an initial round of $6M that took place in January 2022 in which … Read more

Top Web3 Fraud Detection Start-Ups to Watch

Scammers and hackers drained over $504M from web3 protocols in just the third quarter of 2022. According to a report by the blockchain audit company Certik, exit scams and flash loan attacks were the two of the most common fraud types. Whether through these strategies or by creating synthetic identities, account takeovers, IP infringement, or paying with … Read more