AMA | DeCredit x Parami AMA, Oct 4th

Parami Protocol Just now·11 min read Amelia: Hi everyone, you will be muted because we are going to have an AMA with DeCredit team in 5 minutes. Do not worry and get ready for Part 3 Live Questions. Jeniffer: nice to meet your guys~ Elizabeth: Glad to have you too Benason: Less than 3mins….. Jennifer: … Read more

UPDATE | Parami Sept recap and Q4 prospect

Parami Protocol Just now·3 min read The transition between October and September was a subtle yet constructive period. Parami Team has leveraged major resources into developing Parami Wallet, the gateway to a truly decentralized, permissionless attention marketplace. To develop new features and improve user experience, we designed the social-NFT-centered traffic aggregation solution and advertisement distribution … Read more

Parami Partners DeCredit to Bring your Financial Credit to a Social Layer

Parami Protocol Just now·3 min read Today we are excited to announce our strategic partnership with DeCredit. Parami Protocol is an innovative player in the privacy advertising field, while DeCredit has its edge-cutting application of credit oracle in the DeFi world. Such partnership will benefit both sides in the long run. Highlights of Partnerships DeCredit, … Read more

UPDATE | Parami Weekly (Sept 13— Sept 19)

Parami Protocol Just now·2 min read Technological Progress IM wallet restructured the accounts creating and restoring procedure, MagicLink feature added; refactored $AD3 and social NFT fragments transferring features for a smooth experience and better maintainability, transaction history now supported; DID transplanted Airdrop, Swap, DID, AD modules to the latest development environment; fixed bugs from previous … Read more

UPDATE | Parami Bi-Weekly (Sept 6 — Sept 12)

Parami Protocol Just now·2 min read Technological Progress finished testing the bi-directional bridge between ETH and Parami main network, the bridge running stably in the test network; finished developing Magiclink on-chain features, the front and back-end joint testing initialized; finished developing social NFT module, testing scheduled next week; upgraded the architecture of the wallet module … Read more

UPDATE | Parami Weekly (Aug 23— Aug 29)

Parami Protocol Just now·2 min read Technological Progress Completed design of MagicLink, 80% development accomplished; Completed development of bi-directional bridge(AD3 main net to and from ETH), unit testing underway; Completed the testing of DID avatar encoding feature; Completed the black-box testing of advertiser interaction, user-ad interaction features, code robustness improved Social Media Twitter: 14.4 K+ … Read more

UPDATE | Parami Bi-Weekly (Aug 9 — Aug 22)

Parami Protocol Just now·2 min read Technology Progress Finished developing the bridge between Parami main network and ETH chain Discussed and designed the protocol for KOL Social NFT fractionalizing Completed the white box testing of liquidity mining, code submitted for auditing Framed codes of Magiclink solution Social Media Twitter: 14.2 K+ followers (As of Aug … Read more

UPDATE | Parami Bi-Weekly (July 26–Aug 8)

Parami Protocol Just now·2 min read Technology Progress Product completed testing $AD3 for liquidity mining on Ethereum, and deployed it to the test network Rinkeby added the attenuation feature of tag ranking in PCAP(Personal Crypto Advertising Preference), as determined by on-chain Governance. completed all basic tag descriptions on the chain, callable by all clients IM … Read more

Parnership | Parami partnered with 1Sol Protocol to explore on community growth and DAO governance

Parami Protocol Just now·3 min read Parami Protocol, a user-centric universal attention marketplace with a privacy-preserving design, announces its new strategic partnership with 1sol, a state-of-art player in cross-chain DeFi aggregation on Solana. 1Sol Protocol will cooperate with Parami on its liquidity mining mechanism and help to expand business on a cross-chain basis. Leveraging Parami … Read more

AMA | Parami x A2DAO, August 24th

Parami Protocol Just now·7 min read Jack|A2DAO We are starting AMA with the Parami project team Today we are talking to Ethan. Community Director. Ethan|Parami Hi Jack, hi everyone! Thanks for having me here. I am Ethan from Parami Protocol. in charge of community growth. I am here to answer any questions you have for … Read more