PolkaTrain First Community Content Contest

Polkatrain Apr 14·2 min read Create and share your knowledge about POLKATRAIN to share $3000 in POLT and awesome community rewards. We are proud to announce our first community content contest. You can participate by creating $POLT content, sharing it online, and submitting it for review.We accept all types of written and visual content published … Read more

The Polkatrain hacking incident is a malicious attack by hacker using problem similar with…

Polkatrain ·Apr 6 According to the latest official news, Polkatrain team has identified and verified that the hacking incident is a malicious attack by hacker, he used the problem similar with slippage tolerance. It is not the get the best deal accident through collecting commission reward by swap function claimed by Snowfog, Coin World, Golden … Read more

The response for hacker attack incident from Polkatrain team

Polkatrain Apr 5·2 min read Around 3:00 a.m. UCT + 8 on April 5, 2021, the smart contract of Polkatrain was attacked by hackers during LBP auction, 57000 DOT were stolen in the contract and turned away. After this incident happened, the team was under great pressure, but in order to live up to the … Read more

Great news from Polkatrain that POLT LBP auction is coming soon

Polkatrain ·Apr 1 Great news from Polkatrain that POLT LBP auction is coming soon According to the latest official news, Polkatrain will officially start the LBP, liquidity bootstrapping pool, auction at 12:00PM UTC,20:00 PM BJT on April 3rd, the auction will be ended at 12:00PM UTC,20:00 PM BJT on April 5th, which lasts 48 hours. … Read more

Polkatrain test airdrop campaign ends with 19,794 participants worldwide

Polkatrain ·Mar 29 At 14:00 on March 27th, the Polkatrain test airdrop campaign has ended, with a total of 19,794 users worldwide participating in the campaign in 48 hours. The total number of airdrops is 15,000. Polkatrain will exclude the bots from the airdrops and airdrop to all participating users, the more invites, the more … Read more

Global KOL Recruitment Plan

Polkatrain Mar 6·3 min read In order to accelerate the global marketing, jointly build the Polkatrain ecology, and promote the healthy development of the Polkatrain and Polkadot ecology, we plan to recruit global blockchain community owners, We media influencers, opinion leaders KOL, community KOL, Polkadot ecological enthusiasts, or other KOL partners. Officially reviewed and qualified … Read more

Much more trust for projects launched on Polkatrain depends on Entrust plan

Polkatrain Mar 1·2 min read Investment market is unpredictable and fluctuated, especially in blockchain finance investment world in crypto currency. Venture capital or individual investors use ETH, Bitcoin, USDT or others to buy token of the projects they are in favor of or well known in community. Here on Polkatrain they can invest by DOT … Read more

Polkatrain is coming, what amazing is going to happen in Polkadot world

Polkatrain Feb 23·2 min read Polkadot has born for more than three years.It runs smoothly well in crypto world. Gawin Wood, the founder of Polkadot tweeted about the first successful inter-chain asset transfer on polkadot on Sep 13,2020. Twitter of Gavin Wood As the crypto currencies rising in the crypto currency bull market from the … Read more