Liquidswap Adds Frontrunning Protection: Don’t Let Bots Get Your Money!

Frontrunning is a serious problem for DEX users. Aptos users suffer it less than on slower blockchains like Ethereum, but it can still be an annoying and costly experience. Frontrunning is the practice of using bots to insert transactions into the queue to profit from price changes, forcing your trades to execute at worse rates.. … Read more

Pontem Wallet for Android: Install Now to Use Aptos on Android

Just weeks after the release of the Pontem Wallet app for iOS, our popular Aptos wallet is coming to the Android Play Store. Discover all the features and make your first APT transaction on Android today. Pontem Wallet has just released an Aptos wallet app for Android — the mobile operating system used by over … Read more

Pontem NFT Retro Map: The Road So Far

Pontem is much more than Pontem Wallet and Liquidswap DEX: it’s also responsible for some of the most successful NFT projects on Aptos. Let’s look back at our main NFT milestones of the past months! Pontem’s Space Pirates are the first-ever Mint-to-Earn NFT collection on Aptos. Not only was the mint free — every whitelisted … Read more

Pontem 2023 Roadmap

From NFT swaps to concentrated DEX liquidity, let’s take a look at all the juicy, innovative, and pirate-approved features you can look forward to this year. Pontem Network is proud of our accomplishments to date: for example, we were first to release a production-ready Aptos DEX and an Aptos Ledger app. In addition, Pontem Wallet … Read more

Introducing: MoveCon 2023

The biggest crypto conference in Move history, online & in-person Here’s an announcement we’ve been excited about for a long time: We’re hosting MoveCon, the biggest live Move and Aptos conference in the history of the Move ecosystem, from March 3rd to 5th! And we’re live streaming the entire crypto event, so you can join … Read more

Pontem Week — Souffl3 Bake Off with Bounteous Rewards Exclusively Sponsored by Pontem.Network

Souffl3, the leading NFT trading platform in Move ecosystem, has partnered up with Pontem, the leading product development studio on Aptos, to launch a series of collaborations. To celebrate this aspiring partnership, the two leading ecosystem builders hereby jointly announce “Pontem Week”! ( “Pontem Week” is a special edition of Souffl3’s trending Bake Off campaign, … Read more

Hydroponic farms are live on Liquidswap: How to start yield farming on Aptos

You’ve been asking for it, and we delivered — the first yield farms on Liquidswap are here! Deposit tokens in a liquidity pool on Liquidswap, stake the LP tokens, and earn rewards. Read on for a detailed tutorial: Yield farming, or liquidity mining, means earning tokens for locking up crypto in a pool in a … Read more

Liquid Staking on Aptos Live in Pontem Wallet

Pontem Wallet has just added another native dApp integration: liquid staking on Ditto! Now, you can stake APT right in the wallet at 7% APR — then deposit the resulting stAPT in liquidity pools on Liquidswap to earn up to 30% more in Ditto tokens. Read on to learn how! On Proof-of-Stake blockchains like Aptos, … Read more