Acala Ecosystem Update — March 2022

Sal Miah Apr 6 · 5 min read aUSD Ecosystem Fund launch, ACA Staking now live, Acala Ecosystem announcements: Talisman and Kujira, and Wormhole integration in March’s update. It’s been an exciting month for Acala. March began with the encouraging news the Acala community has bridged over 1M DOT following the on-way bridge launch in … Read more

Talisman To Launch on Acala, Bringing a Better UX for Polkadot With Its User-Friendly Web3…

Sal Miah Mar 9 · 4 min read We’re excited to welcome Talisman into the Acala ecosystem! Talisman brings its inventive solution in allowing Acala users to leverage their assets in novel ways with a much-improved user experience. Talisman is also preparing a wave of features to enable the next generation of Web3 users to … Read more

Acala Ecosystem Update — February 2022

Sal Miah Mar 8 · 7 min read aUSD, Acala’s decentralized Polkadot-native stablecoin launch, Acala’s 1-way DOT bridge, 1 million ACA kickoff rewards program, aUSD & kUSD union, Acala at ETH Denver, and Acala ecosystem announcements. Following a great start to 2022, Acala has ensured strong momentum throughout February. One of the pivotal milestones entering … Read more