TrustFi Announcing Token Locks and Transparency Details

TrustFi Network Just now·3 min read Dear Community, we have recently unlocked our Pancakeswap LP so that we could restructure the locking and vesting system in app, in a way that leaves no doubts and provides complete transparency. As you may very well know, TrustFi believes in decentralized modules, processes, and protocols that ensure … Read more

Strategic Partnership: TrustFi x Project Galaxy

TrustFi Network Just now·2 min read Dear TrustFi Family, we are proud to announce our partnership with Project Galaxy and the launch of TrustFi Space in their platform; paving the way for exciting future collaborations! Some sneak peaks: TrustFi has opened its NFT space with Project Galaxy tech TrustFi will launch its Initial NFT Offering … Read more

Farm Pool Announcement: Stake $CHEERS & Earn $TFI

TrustFi Network Just now·3 min read Stake $CHEERS to Earn $TFI in our New Farm Pool Dear TrustFi Family, we are glad to announce our upcoming New Farm Pool on Cheersland Website where investors can Stake $CHEERS and Earn $TFI. At TrustFi, we value investor sentiment highly and constantly try to come up with ways … Read more

TrustFi Weekly Report: Jan 3 — Jan 9

TrustFi Network Just now·4 min read Main Events of Last Week 1) Two new Flash IDOs were announced! Are you hyped? 💪We’ve joined forces with 2 of the promising GameFi projects through Strategic Partnership and Investment. Monster of God (Mogwar): January 14th, FridayFight of the Ages (FOTA): January 25th, Tuesday 2) TrustFi x FOTA Flash … Read more

TrustFi x Mogwar Flash IDO & Partnership Announcement

TrustFi Network Just now·2 min read Dear community, we are proud to announce TrustFi’s investment in and partnership with “Monster of God” (Mogwar), an NFT strategy game combining Idle RPG specials and Autobattler. This is a F2E game project, meaning players can participate in P2E (play-to-earn) mechanics with zero entry barrier, i.e. it is completely … Read more

Announcement of TrustFi Launchpad’s New Tier System

TrustFi Network Just now·2 min read Dear TrustFi Community, as you know, we have always put community feedback above all else, attached great importance to investor sentiment. We gladly announce that, through full communication with the community, we have optimized the Tier system. We understand the crypto market trends’ impact on our investors and we … Read more

Announcing Vote2Farm Campaign to Celebrate the launch of TrustFi Farmer

TrustFi Network Just now·7 min read Dear TrustFi Family, we are proud to announce our first voting campaign in celebration of the completion of TrustFi Farmer Platform. We will give you 10 pool options of some of the most successful and prominent GameFi projects in the market. If you are an active GameFi participants, you … Read more

TrustFi Weekly Report: Dec 27 — Jan 2

TrustFi Network Just now·3 min read Main Events of Last Week Annual Report for 2021 was released. See the full report for our 2021 accomplishments and what to expect in 2022👉 Golden Pool about staking TFI to earn TFI with 50% assured APR is live on Cheersland! See our article for more information👉 2nd … Read more

Attention! TrustFi is Hiring!

TrustFi Network Dec 30 · 3 min read TrustFi is Hiring! Join us as we Build and become a safe and strong decentralized ecosystem. With new functionalities going live just around the corner and an ever-growing network of strong partnerships and collaborations with other respected blockchain projects and communities, we need your assistance, perspective and … Read more