Wen Statemine by KodaDot

Viki Valastin · Follow Feb 2 · 10 min read One bull run ago we have received a grant from Kusama Treasury to implement Statemine-based NFTs into the KodaDot. In this fairy tale, you can learn how it went. Fractanary, first NFT on Statemine. Authors: Awer, Vidam and Andreas Preis The goal of our grant … Read more

Hello Kusummer: KodaDot edition

Viki Valastin Jul 29 · 5 min read A lot of time passed since we have written the technical article about the KodaDot. Let’s walk you through what’s are new recent updates in KodaDot.So let’s fasten your seatbelt and we are ready to take off. Photo by Derick McKinney on Unsplash Sovereign comments under NFTs … Read more

Client-first NFT gallery: Technical examination

Viki Valastin May 12 · 7 min read Client-first, Onchain-first, Serverless-first, these words can sound like magic to you, but they exactly represent the actual technical state of KodaDot the NFT gallery. The article is split into two main sections. The first section explains the technical implementation of the serverless gallery without the smart contracts … Read more