MAPO Ambassador Program Update

MAP Protocol 💙MAPO Dec 12 · 4 min read As the MAPO Discord server is gradually reaching 2,000 members, we know our MAPO community is growing steadily. Up till now, two MAPO ambassador programs — the community ambassador program and the dev ambassador program — have taken off for a month. Many of the community … Read more

MAP Protocol Ambassador Program

MAP Protocol Nov 10 · 5 min read Today, we are officially launching the long-waited MAP Protocol Ambassador Program! The purpose of the program is to bring together people from all over the world who are passionate about MAP Protocol, light client & ZK cross-chain solution & the Omnichain future, and want to support the … Read more


The SushiSwap exchange was created based on the open-source code of Uniswap, the most popular decentralized exchange on the Ethereum blockchain today. For this reason, SushiSwap can be called a fork of Uniswap and has many of the same features. It is an AMM (automated market maker) running on 14 blockchains, including Ethereum. SushiSwap was … Read more

Announcing: The Innovator Programme

Interlay Jun 14 · 7 min read Following in the footsteps of innovation, the community takes the next step into the galaxy Following in the footsteps of innovation, the community takes the next step into the galaxy Humble beginnings Last year, Interlay launched its official “Ambassador Programme” and experienced tremendous community engagement and commitment. Ambassadors … Read more

Join our Equilibrium & Genshiro Ambassador Program Round 3!

Equilibrium · Follow Mar 2 · 2 min read We are happy to announce the 3rd round of our ambassador program! We appreciate the support of our ambassadors, so this time we’ve increased the prize pool and the number of winners. Spread the word about our project and earn GENS! Reward pool: 185,000 GENS (instead … Read more

Community Update

Irena Mihova Dec 3 · 4 min read by Remy Le Berre Welcome everyone to the Community Update newsletter! The first, of hopefully many, community updates delivered right to your inbox. Within this newsletter, we will explore the recent updates, news, and exciting events within the Interlay community. We’ll also be diving deep into the … Read more

SubDAO Launches Starfish Ambassador Recruitment Program

SubDAO Network Just now·3 min read SubDAO Launches the Starfish Ambassador Recruitment Program SubDAO Testnet has been officially launched online, and users can try it out on SubDAO App to gain first-hand experience. To build a strong community presence and support SubDAO’s participation in the Polkadot Parachain Slot Auction, SubDAO launched the Starfish Ambassador Recruitment … Read more

Become an Equilibrium & Genshiro ambassador and earn rewards!

Equilibrium Oct 11 · 2 min read We love our community and recognize the value of your support! We are happy to announce a new wave of our ambassador program! This time we are welcoming not only our users, but influencers and their entire communities to join us! We’ve prepared a lot of incentives for … Read more

UPDATE | Parami Bi-Weekly (Sept 6 — Sept 12)

Parami Protocol Just now·2 min read Technological Progress finished testing the bi-directional bridge between ETH and Parami main network, the bridge running stably in the test network; finished developing Magiclink on-chain features, the front and back-end joint testing initialized; finished developing social NFT module, testing scheduled next week; upgraded the architecture of the wallet module … Read more