Performance in Code: Deciphering Value in Generative Art Exhibition at Art Basel Miami Beach 2022, Powered by Tezos

Performance in Code: Deciphering Value in Generative Art, powered by energy-efficient blockchain Tezos in collaboration with generative art platform fxhash at Art Basel Miami Beach will be on public view from December 1st – December 3rd, 2022, at the Miami Convention Center. The interactive live-minting experience, presented in partnership with fxhash, enables visitors to mint … Read more

STRMNFT Launches Creator Program, Invites Aspiring Creators Across the Globe

The goal of improving the quality of digital art is what drives STRMNFT to constantly innovate. Since its launch a few months back, STRMNFT has moved NFTs to the next generation for community-driven creators. And with a growing number of new users actively trading NFTs, the marketplace has announced its continued support for emerging artists … Read more

The Artists Rights Society to Launch Arsnl NFT Platform

Arsnl is a new NFT platform created by the Artists Rights Society (ARS), which from 1987 has championed artists’ intellectual property rights and protected their legacies. The launch of the new digital platform takes place on September 9th, with a drop of 2,200 NFTs by Frank Stella. Eighty-six-year-old Stella is an American artist who began … Read more

Jim Carrey Auctions ‘Goon in Moonlight’ NFT on SuperRare

Comedian Jim Carrey releases his second NFT artwork on SuperRare. The piece titled ‘Goon in the Moonlight’ is on auction until Thursday, with a reserve price of $50,000 or 29-30 Ethereum. Carrey partnered with his daughter, Jane Carrey, for the release of Goon in Moonlight, multimedia NFT. The digital art, which was produced in collaboration … Read more

Tezos NFT Market Shines Amid Crypto Slump

The Tezos NFT market had a record-breaking month in July, with leading generative art platform fx(hash) recording over $3.8million in sales. In pure defiance of a market downturn, NFT art has been rallying on the Tezos blockchain. In particular, performance art icon Marina Abramovic released a stand-out collection, which reaped over $300,000 in rewards. Additionally, … Read more

NFT Canvas Gives You More Control Over Your Non-Fungible Tokens

Every NFT owner will have thought – at least once – why they didn’t get the non-fungible token with their preferred traits. Making the “RNG” aspect of minting NFTs less random would be beneficial, even if it may affect secondary sales negatively. That solution has finally arrived for Solana-based assets with the help of NFT … Read more

5 Trends in the NFT Space

There’s no question non-fungible tokens and the metaverse have created an explosive hype that has caused powerful ripples across the blockchain stratosphere. Moreover, they haven’t just impacted the digital world but have also influenced a slew of other industries such as art, gaming, finance, fashion, and much more. Businesses and investors are injecting staggering amounts … Read more

Dubai’s Museum of the Future and Binance NFT launch The Most Beautiful NFTs in the Metaverse

Dubai, UAE. 18th May 2022 – Dubai’s Museum of the Future has entered into a collaboration with Binance NFT, the NFT marketplace of Binance, the world’s leading blockchain and cryptocurrency infrastructure provider. Through this collaboration, the Museum aims to develop and launch a range of digital products on the blockchain, starting with their first-ever NFT … Read more

Opensea plans to take action against fake NFTs

As the popularity of NFTs grows, many people, entities, and organizations see them as a get money quick scheme, and a lot of the time, they take illegal actions to achieve their goals. NFTs created using stolen art A few months ago, the story of NFTs being created using stolen artworks hit our airwaves. The … Read more