Community Update! #2

Remy Le Berre · Follow Feb 2 · 4 min read Welcome everyone to the Community Update newsletter. We hope everyone had an exciting New Year & enjoyed the holiday season! This is the second installment of our Community Update blogs, where we’ll be discussing all the relevant news, topics, and events currently sweeping through … Read more

Acala Community Report: Overview of the Launch Update and Full-Stack Vision

Get the latest on Polkadot’s layer-one DeFi network with a summary of Acala’s January Crowdcast. Sal Miah Jan 26 · 5 min read Acala Co-founder Bette Chen recently joined Chief Growth Officer Dan Reecer for a community call and Crowdcast presentation on the progress of Acala’s ongoing launch. The team has been implementing its goals … Read more

Community Update

Irena Mihova Dec 3 · 4 min read by Remy Le Berre Welcome everyone to the Community Update newsletter! The first, of hopefully many, community updates delivered right to your inbox. Within this newsletter, we will explore the recent updates, news, and exciting events within the Interlay community. We’ll also be diving deep into the … Read more

Introducing OceanDAO Working Groups

A softer, gentler DAO that gives more space and freedom for experimentation OceanDAO’s social layer is getting developed further, as part of a broader shift to embrace and leverage the growing number of participants inside the Ocean Ecosystem. Specifically: we are introducing OceanDAO Working Groups (WGs) [1]. Each WG has stewards (who’s accountable to run … Read more

OceanDAO Round 11 is Live

500,000 OCEAN available for sustainable data-oriented projects! Hello, Ocean Community! OceanDAO is a grants DAO to help fund Ocean community projects, curated by the Ocean community. Anyone can apply for a grant. The community votes at the beginning of the month. The Ocean ecosystem becomes self-sustainable as the builders of the Web3 data economy leverage … Read more

OceanDAO Roadmap Update: Q3 2021 to EOY 2022

18-Month Plan Towards a Fully-Decentralized and Long-Term Sustainable Grants DAO OceanDAO is a community-curated grants DAO that is key to Ocean’s long-term sustainability. We aim for OceanDAO to be fully decentralized by the end of 2022, with the future up to the Ocean ecosystem. This post describes how we plan to get there. The rest … Read more

Learn on SubDAO: How NFT&DAO Work Together?

SubDAO Network Just now·9 min read After generating more than $2.5 billion in transactions in the first half of 2021, sales of these blockchain-based contracts (I.e., NFTs) have fallen sharply due to increasing criticism of the environmental impact of Ethereum, which is home to the vast majority of NFT trading activity, and the sound of … Read more

OceanDAO Round 10 is Live!

530K USD available for sustainable data-oriented projects! Hello, Ocean Community! For those new, OceanDAO is a community-curated funding system directed towards projects building in the Ocean Protocol ecosystem. The Ocean ecosystem becomes self-sustainable as the builders of the Web3 data economy leverage Ocean Protocol to create products, services, and resources that the community finds valuable. … Read more

OceanDAO Round 9 Results

7 new funded projects join OceanDAO; over 40K OCEAN burned Hello, Ocean Community! The OceanDAO is pleased to share the results of the 9th round of our community grants initiative. A total of 300,000 USD was available in OceanDAO Round 9. At a conversion rate of 0.77 OCEAN/USD, 389,610 OCEAN tokens were available. In Round … Read more

Here’s What We Covered During Equilibrium’s Ninth Community Call

Equilibrium Aug 31 · 6 min read Every month for the past eight months, we’ve held a community call to issue public-facing updates on what we’ve achieved and what’s coming up. Last week we held the ninth edition of the call, and there was no shortage of material covered. Our CEO Alex Melikhov led the … Read more