Zero-Knowledge 101

What you need to know about ZK proofs, zkEVMs, and Layer 2 tech Let’s face it: blockchain tech can get complicated. For those of us who aren’t coders or computer scientists, understanding the technology that powers blockchain ecosystems can be a daunting task. These concepts get even more challenging at the bleeding edge of invention … Read more

What You Need to Know About DeFi

How Does Decentralized Finance Work? Decentralized Finance, commonly called DeFi, has significantly grown in popularity and interest in the last few years. DeFi provides an alternative to the traditional financial system of centralized entities like banks, stock exchanges, and brokers.. DeFi is based on two principles: (1) DeFi is open to everyone, (2) DeFi is … Read more

Hardware Wallets: What You Need To Know

The benefits of hardware crypto wallets for cold storage and how to choose one A hardware blockchain wallet is a device for storing private keys to crypto wallets in a non-custodial way without connecting to the internet. Sounds complex? Let’s unpack this definition, starting from the importance of self-custody. There are two types of keys … Read more

7 Basic Rules of Aptos Crypto Security

Every few days, we get chat messages from Pontem users who got scammed or lost money. 99% of such situations can be easily avoided if you follow a few simple rules. Write them down, learn them by heart — and hopefully you’ll never fall victim yourself. Scammers lurk in any crypto project’s community. They use … Read more

How to Do Your Own Research (DYOR)

If you’ve been in the crypto world for even a little bit, you’ve probably heard the phrase “do your own research,” or simply “DYOR.” These common phrases reflect the risks involved in crypto trading and investing. Sometimes, this may be added to avoid legal consequences or blame in the event something goes wrong, similar to … Read more

How to Earn Income From Crypto

*DISCLAIMER* This is not investing advice. It is an overview of some of the more popular ways people use cryptocurrencies and decentralzied finance. Please remember to do your own research before investing in any cryptocurrency or depositing money onto any platform. We’ve all heard the term “Bitcoin Millionaire.” Bitcoin’s explosion on the market in the … Read more

Liquidswap Adds Frontrunning Protection: Don’t Let Bots Get Your Money!

Frontrunning is a serious problem for DEX users. Aptos users suffer it less than on slower blockchains like Ethereum, but it can still be an annoying and costly experience. Frontrunning is the practice of using bots to insert transactions into the queue to profit from price changes, forcing your trades to execute at worse rates.. … Read more

Pontem Wallet for Android: Install Now to Use Aptos on Android

Just weeks after the release of the Pontem Wallet app for iOS, our popular Aptos wallet is coming to the Android Play Store. Discover all the features and make your first APT transaction on Android today. Pontem Wallet has just released an Aptos wallet app for Android — the mobile operating system used by over … Read more