Interlay 2.0 Roadmap

Interlay Nov 23 · 6 min read From Bridge to Bitcoin DeFi Hub Over the past 3 years, Interlay has built the bedrock infrastructure to use BTC on other chains without the need to rely on centralized entities. Interlay’s Bitcoin-backed asset, iBTC, offers a trustless and decentralized way to use Bitcoin in DeFi. The current … Read more

Growing Centrifuge with an investment from Coinbase

Lucas Vogelsang Nov 2 · 2 min read As crypto winter persists we’re attracting more capital and strategic partners. We’re welcoming Coinbase Ventures and L1 Digital to the CFG family. At Centrifuge, we’re the first DeFi protocol to finance real-world assets (RWAs) on chain. a Today we’re excited to announce a strategic funding round from … Read more

Acala and Karura Are Now Supported on Ledger

Dan Reecer Oct 31 · 2 min read Holders of Acala’s native governance and utility token ACA can now use Ledger devices for securing or transferring assets. Other Acala-based tokens like aUSD, LDOT, and tDOT are supported, as well as Karura-based tokens like KAR, aUSD, LKSM, and taiKSM. You can also use your Ledger device … Read more

Parami Weekly Update 09.27–10.10

Parami Protocol Oct 12 · 1 min read Chain Added ad presentation in plugin mode Added NFT recognition Added Influencer avatar list from Twitterscan Finished train NFT Recognition model with NFT images Added support NFT Recogintion through Twitter Image Url Added batch create hNFT Added state call interface to calculate advertisement rewards before claiming Solution … Read more

Ecosystem Update #6: 10 October 2022

Interlay Oct 10 · 9 min read Scary good updates on new integrations, next steps, and upcoming events Welcome to the spookiest month of the year — October! We’re hoping that the Bear Market crashes, hacks, and sanctions will be scary stories of the past, and the horror will stop long enough for us to … Read more

Polkadot Roadmap Roundup

Polkadot Sep 26 · 10 min read By Rob Habermeier, Polkadot founder As the Polkadot Community comes into the last quarter of 2022, we at Parity Technologies would like to update the community on a number of important development topics we’ve been working on. These bridge a number of categories: parachain scalability, parachain development, relay-chain … Read more

Aptos vs. Sui: a detailed comparison

Aptos and Sui are exceptionally fast (over 100,000 tps) and scalable smart contract platforms. Both use the Move language, originally developed for Meta’s Diem project, and count Diem executives among their founders. Let’s see how they compare in terms of technology, performance, available dApps, and more. Aptos and Sui are both new L1 blockchains, or … Read more

Ecosystem Update #5: 19 August 2022

Interlay Aug 24 · 12 min read Our Biggest Update Yet iBTC has arrived, and it’s making waves The most highly-anticipated Ecosystem Update in Interlay history is here. Yeah. iBTC is live. Grab a coffee, sit down, and get ready for one of the most important moments in Bitcoin history that has nothing to do … Read more

Launching Astar x Acala DeFi Rising to Accelerate DeFi on Polkadot

Dan Reecer Aug 10 · 4 min read In collaboration with Astar, Acala is excited to launch Astar x Acala DeFi Rising campaign! By leveraging XCM and Polkadot’s trustless and interoperable network, Acala and Astar will combine forces to create several new cross-chain use cases and aUSD liquidity pools in the Astar ecosystem. The Acala … Read more