AMA | DeCredit x Parami AMA, Oct 4th

Parami Protocol Just now·11 min read Amelia: Hi everyone, you will be muted because we are going to have an AMA with DeCredit team in 5 minutes. Do not worry and get ready for Part 3 Live Questions. Jeniffer: nice to meet your guys~ Elizabeth: Glad to have you too Benason: Less than 3mins….. Jennifer: … Read more

XCM Part III: Execution and Error Management

Gavin Wood Sep 29 · 12 min read In the first two articles I wrote on XCM, I introduced the basics of its design and versioning structure. In this article, we will take a deeper look into its underlying design and execution model. Since XCM is based around the instruction set of the XCVM, a … Read more

XCM Part II: Versioning and compatibility

Gavin Wood Sep 15 · 10 min read In the first article I wrote on XCM, I introduced its basic architecture, goals and how it could be used for some simple use cases. Here we will move on to inspect one interesting aspect of XCM in depth: how XCM can change over time without introducing … Read more

Summary of One Question A Day Event on SubDAO

SubDAO Network Just now·8 min read Summary of One Question A Day Event on SubDAO We are glad to announce that the One Question A Day event has been completed. All participants show their enthusiasm and wisdom in the event which provides a chance that can help the community know more about SubDAO and its … Read more

Your Wildest Assets Competition

Kate Beecroft Sep 3 · 3 min read It’s time to unleash your creativity and tell us what could you imagine with asset financing on Altair. Altair is the bridge from Centrifuge to Kusama, it is the experimental network for real world assets, and with it you will be able to tokenize assets and finance … Read more

UPDATE | Parami Weekly (Aug 23— Aug 29)

Parami Protocol Just now·2 min read Technological Progress Completed design of MagicLink, 80% development accomplished; Completed development of bi-directional bridge(AD3 main net to and from ETH), unit testing underway; Completed the testing of DID avatar encoding feature; Completed the black-box testing of advertiser interaction, user-ad interaction features, code robustness improved Social Media Twitter: 14.4 K+ … Read more

Parnership | Parami partnered with 1Sol Protocol to explore on community growth and DAO governance

Parami Protocol Just now·3 min read Parami Protocol, a user-centric universal attention marketplace with a privacy-preserving design, announces its new strategic partnership with 1sol, a state-of-art player in cross-chain DeFi aggregation on Solana. 1Sol Protocol will cooperate with Parami on its liquidity mining mechanism and help to expand business on a cross-chain basis. Leveraging Parami … Read more

How to Make and Trade NFTs

Want to get in on one of the most exciting markets in crypto? JOIN OUR TWITTER | TELEGRAM Table of contents: What is a Non-fungible Token, or NFT? How popular are NFTs? Why do people collect NFTs? What are the different types of NFTs?Digital ArtDomain NamesSports Memorabilia Where can I buy and resell NFTs? How … Read more

No-Code Technology: Is it the Future of Blockchain?

JOIN OUR TWITTER | TELEGRAM Albert Einstein once said, “The definition of genius is taking the complex and making it simple.” Table of contents: What is no-code technology? What’s the difference between no-code and low-code? How did no-code technology start? What are the advantages and disadvantages of no-code?– Advantages– Disadvantages Are there no-code tools for … Read more

Correct Answer on SubDAO Do Your Own DAO Event #2

SubDAO Network Just now·14 min read Dear SubDAO community, The SubDAO official team is glad to see there are so many participants in our “Do Your Own DAO” event. All participants have shown a rich knowledge about the DAO and submitted a good answer on our test. Here is the answer to the doubt when … Read more