SubDAO PolkaSign Has Achieved 11th Round of Grants by Web3 Foundation

SubDAO Network Just now·2 min read Web3 Foundation is celebrating its 11th round of grants accepted through its Grants Program. With continued hard work and exploration, the SubDAO team has developed several tools including Dapp, Chrome Extension, Polaksign, etc. It is a great success that the Web3.0 app for electronic agreement — PolkaSign has achieved … Read more

Learn on SubDAO:DAO Governance Matters for DeFi

SubDAO Network Just now·7 min read At the Ethereal Summit and the Ethereum Community (EthCC) 2021 conference, Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin shared his views on DAOs (decentralized autonomous organizations), NFTs (non-fungible tokens), and DeFi’ s (decentralized finance), although he addresses the future utility of the Etherum, it still shows that these three things are weighed … Read more

Breakthrough and Progress of SubDAO in Development

SubDAO Network Just now·5 min read SubDAO is working tirelessly to build a tool for DeFi and NFT applications. To date, SubDAO’s development team has completed the development of the PolkaSign and Chrome Extension through continuous innovation and exploration, which will become another milestone in SubDAO’s ultimate goal of achieving “One DAO Serves All”. Breakthrough … Read more

How To: Unlock Higher Funding Levels in OceanDAO

An explainer on how to complete proposals and improve your runway in OceanDAO grants. OceanDAO is a community-curated grants DAO In OceanDAO, there are humans on the other side voting for your team’s proposal. They’re assessing your team’s ability to deliver, using track record in previous grants as a key guide. This can be subjective … Read more

OceanDAO Roadmap Update: Q3 2021 to EOY 2022

18-Month Plan Towards a Fully-Decentralized and Long-Term Sustainable Grants DAO OceanDAO is a community-curated grants DAO that is key to Ocean’s long-term sustainability. We aim for OceanDAO to be fully decentralized by the end of 2022, with the future up to the Ocean ecosystem. This post describes how we plan to get there. The rest … Read more

Learn on SubDAO: How NFT&DAO Work Together?

SubDAO Network Just now·9 min read After generating more than $2.5 billion in transactions in the first half of 2021, sales of these blockchain-based contracts (I.e., NFTs) have fallen sharply due to increasing criticism of the environmental impact of Ethereum, which is home to the vast majority of NFT trading activity, and the sound of … Read more

#1 Khala Runtime Upgrade —Enable Secure Worker Mining and Token Staking

Phala Network Sep 3 · 2 min read Proposal Overview This runtime upgrade consists of the following changes: Launch Secure worker mining system built based on Konstantin Shamruk’s “Phala Economics White Paper V0.9” theory. Launch token staking for Secure workers. Mining Pallets code review: On-chain Info The proposal 0x73137537e3264f04e0de2ee8dc7e61adaa403173f2660e97d38cb8bd5b8993b0 is now available on the … Read more

DAO | Khala Democratic Council Candidates

Phala Network Sep 2 · 3 min read Dear Phamily, We are delighted to have just announced the Khala democracy governance mechanism. As we begin September we would like to explore the mechanisms and people behind our new governance structure. One of the most important features of the Phala DAO governance system is the council. … Read more

DAO | Khala Governance Guidance Overview

Phala Network Aug 30 · 4 min read Dear Phalmily, Khala democratic governance mechanism has been published which will become a template for the Phala in the future. Khala Governance wiki: As early as April this year, the Phala team released the news that Phala/Khala would manage the community and network by adopting a … Read more

Best Answer Shared on SubDAO “Do Your Own DAO” Event

SubDAO Network Just now·4 min read Best Answers from SubDAO “Do Your Own DAO” Event Dear SubDAO community! In order to help SubDAO followers to know more about DAO, the SubDAO official team has organized the “Do Your Own DAO” on the community to educate them about DAO Technology on July 15th. The 7-day event … Read more