MAP Protocol partners with IoTeX to provide Omni-chain infrastructure for dApp development

MAP Protocol Jun 28 · 3 min read We are happy to announce that MAP Protocol is joining the IoTeX ecosystem as an Official Partner to give developers a chance to begin their Omnichain journeys. MAP Protocol provides instant confirmation for omnichain transactions and verification finality by light-client, offers SDK and API for low-code deployment, … Read more

KINT Staking App is Live!

Alexei Zamyatin Mar 10 · 3 min read A little bird just told us… the KINT staking app is now live! Tl;dr You can start staking KINT (don’t rush, read on!) You can use the staked KINT (vKINT) to vote in governance on Rewards need to be activated by a governance vote A … Read more

Ocean Protocol announces the launch of DataX, an OceanDAO grantee

Ocean Protocol, the decentralized data exchange protocol that unlocks data for AI, is excited to announce the launch of DataX Protocol, a project financed through OceanDAO, Ocean’s community-curated grants program. DataX Protocol has an ambitious lineup of innovative DeFi tooling for datasets in the roadmap. Its goal is to build DataFi infrastructure to help onboard … Read more

Integrate MetaMask into a DApp

Erin Sep 28 · 5 min read Introduction With the release of MetaMask’s Custom Networks API, users can be prompted to add Moonbeam’s TestNet, Moonbase Alpha. This section will take you through the process of adding a “Connect to Moonbase Alpha” button that will prompt users to connect their MetaMask account(s) to Moonbase Alpha. Your … Read more