How NFTs Are Changing Esports

Esports is a growing global phenomenon, and it’s quickly becoming one of the biggest industries in the world. Furthermore, within the world of esports the use of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which are blockchain-based digital assets, is sky-rocketing. These tokens can be created using specific algorithms and can be traded on an open market.  The popularity … Read more

Blockchain MMORPG Cosmic Universe Releases Early-Concept Gameplay Demo Teaser Trailer

Cosmic Universe, a highly anticipated world builder MMORPG being developed on the Harmony blockchain, has just released its early-concept gameplay demo teaser trailer. The gameplay trailer provides insights into the fantasy world of the upcoming game, where players explore an inviting and immersive stylized 3D open world, going on quests tied to in-game lore. The … Read more

Axie Infinity’s Discord Hacked, Criminals Send Fake Minting Message

Axie Infinity, one of the most popular P2E BFT games, faced another hacking attempt on its Discord server earlier on Wednesday. The cybercriminals compromised the game’s Discord bot, MEE6, making it send out fake mint announcements.  On May 18th, Axie Infinity officials took to Twitter to inform their followers about the recent hacking attempt on … Read more

DeFi Land Enters P2E Beta Testing Phase!

DeFi Land is set to launch its new play-to-earn (P2E) experience on May 18th at 8 pm UST. The popular farming game has achieved over 7,500 daily active users (DAU) and will now transition into “the greatest chapter so far in DeFi Land history”. The new P2E economy in DeFi Land will be driven by … Read more

Ready Games to Bring Gaming Into A Decentralised Web3 Experience

Ready Games which was founded in 2016, is ready to reap the rewards of years of solid hard work and effort to transition gaming from web2 to web3; a more decentralised gaming experience.   Ready Games will be doing this with the help of both Apple and Google App stores to make the transition as simple … Read more

Climate Replay NFT gaming pledge fails to interest developers

Early in the year, the news about how a Ubisoft executive put the blame on gamers after the company’s NFT game failed spectacular made headlines; now, the sentiment might be changing Gaming NFTs: some love it, others hate it After debuting Ubisoft Quartz, the Ubisoft company had high hopes for the product, but unfortunately, it … Read more

Wax Studios Announce Big Updates for Blockchain Brawlers

Huge announcements include a legendary new addition to the team, more in-game features, and a shake-up to the game’s tokenomics. WAX Studios have announced some big changes to their play-to-earn (p2E) blockchain game sensation ‘Blockchain Brawlers’.  First, after studying the game’s initial economy after the beta launch, they’ve made a key adjustment to the tokenomics. … Read more

Most Popular Play To Earn Games And How To Play Them

Play To Earn Games has grown so well that it is now worth hundreds of billion dollars. The concept of earning incentives and monetary rewards while playing games is, for one, an exciting opportunity that gamers cannot let go of. With blockchain technology, a whole new ecosystem of free ownership and reward continues to bloom. … Read more