AIR/aUSD Listing and Liquidity Incentive Program Launching on Karura Swap

Nicolo Jul 7 · 2 min read 48-hour bootstrap provisioning period expected live on July 13 We’ve been busy building on our experimental Kusama network, Altair. Now that the XCM channel between Altair and Karura is finally open, it’s time to move forward and list AIR/aUSD on Karura Swap! The AIR/aUSD bootstrapping period will start … Read more

Acala Ecosystem Update — March 2022

Sal Miah Apr 6 · 5 min read aUSD Ecosystem Fund launch, ACA Staking now live, Acala Ecosystem announcements: Talisman and Kujira, and Wormhole integration in March’s update. It’s been an exciting month for Acala. March began with the encouraging news the Acala community has bridged over 1M DOT following the on-way bridge launch in … Read more

Acala Ecosystem Update — February 2022

Sal Miah Mar 8 · 7 min read aUSD, Acala’s decentralized Polkadot-native stablecoin launch, Acala’s 1-way DOT bridge, 1 million ACA kickoff rewards program, aUSD & kUSD union, Acala at ETH Denver, and Acala ecosystem announcements. Following a great start to 2022, Acala has ensured strong momentum throughout February. One of the pivotal milestones entering … Read more

Featured Use Case: Chaotic BTC DeFi with Kintsugi & Karura

Alexei Zamyatin · Follow Sep 10, 2021 · 5 min read Welcome Reader, to the first post of Kintsugi’s “Featured Use Case” Series. Over the next weeks we will be sharing deep dives into Kintsugi kBTC use cases on Kusama — explaining in which DApps you can use your BTC to earn some of that … Read more

Acala Ecosystem Update — January 2022

Sal Miah · Follow Feb 3 · 6 min read Crowdloan Rewards Distributed, ACA now transferable and available on exchanges, Launch Update, Announcement of AquaDAO, Karura and Taiga announcement, RMRK listings, and LP incentives. What a start to 2022! It’s been a little over one month since Acala successfully onboarded its parachain to the Polkadot … Read more

Acala Ecosystem Update — November 2021

Jillian Casalini Dec 9 · 6 min read Acala Wins the First Polkadot Parachain Auction, Project Venkman Launches Brand Loyalty and NFT Platforms on Acala’s EVM+, OriginTrail Brings Its Decentralized Knowledge Graph to Acala’s Developer Ecosystem, SubQuery Network Launches on Acala’s EVM+, and Reva Designs Acala’s Crowdloan NFT November was an incredible month for Acala … Read more

Acala Ecosystem Update — October 2021

Robin Whitney Nov 2 · 6 min read The Acala Crowdloan Fast Approaches, Quests Debut To Help Community Prepare and Earn Additional Rewards, Liquid Crowdloan DOT (LCDOT) Offers Ongoing Access to Crowdloaned DOT Liquidity, and Bifrost Launches on Karura Swap With a New Liquidity Mining Program October has been an exciting month for the Acala … Read more