Elrond Based Cantina Royale to Launch Free-to-Play P2E Game on iOS and Android

One of the first real time free-to-play and play-to-earn (P2E) shooter metaverse games on the market, Cantina Royale is the latest addition to Elrond blockchain ecosystem, where it will push the boundaries of GameFi and web3. As Elrond is a high speed, eco-friendly blockchain, the Cantina Royale team will utilize these capabilities to their full … Read more

P2E Game Splinterlands Announce Validator Node Sale and Future DAO

One of the giants in the play to earn space has just taken a giant leap forward in their game design. Splinterlands is moving towards a fully decentralised business model, that has become a massive deal of late because of the newest crypto crash. Splinterlands are auctioning off their validator nodes which went on sale … Read more

TCG World Announces $5,000,000 purchase of Virtual Estate in The Largest Open World Metaverse Platform

TCG World recently  announced an exciting new strategic partnership with Curzio Research Inc who have acquired 19 commercial real estate properties inside TCG World Metaverse for $5,000,000. The acquisition will mark one of the largest real estate purchases to date for virtual property inside the metaverse. Curzio Research plans on building its headquarters in the … Read more

The Top 3- Pros & Cons of Investing in NFTs 

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) may be something you’ve considered investing in. But what does it mean to “invest in NFTs or digital art”? What are the pros and cons? It’s good to learn about it before investing in any digital asset. First of all, “investing in the NFT marketplace” is a lousy name because NFTs are … Read more

A phishing attack strikes NFT Artist Beeple’s Twitter account

An apparent phishing scam led to the hacking of the Twitter account belonging to digital artist Beeple, where more than $70000 in Ethereum was stolen. Mike Winkelmann, better known as Beeple, is a popular digital artist who helped drive the mainstream acceptance of NFTs (non-fungible tokens). An NFT artwork he sold at Christie’s auction house … Read more

The VeeFriends Super Conference with Gary Vee

VeeCon 2022 takes place from 19th May 2022 to 22nd May 2022 in Minneapolis. It is the first-ever Super Conference for the Web 3.0 revolution. VeeCon is set to be the first NFT-ticket-based event that will host an array of industry leaders. Gary Vaynerchuk will be the host of the event with his fascinating collection … Read more

The 2022 Indy 500 NFT Collection

Tom Brady’s Web3 company, Autograph, is launching its Indy 500 NFT collection on May 29. Autograph partnered with IndyCar and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to present the collection. This exclusive NFT collection and an even more unique collaboration consist of a three-part NFT series. The first part of the launch will be in the form … Read more

4 Best Ways to Invest In the Metaverse

The Metaverse platform is a notion as opposed to a product or service. It does not currently exist, nor would its creation constitute a particular product or service. Nonetheless, it is supported by many clever people from big tech companies. Investing in the Metaverse carries the same risks and rewards as any other business model … Read more