Meta Nebulas Daily Hour Launching: Dawn of The New Era

On the 7th October 2022, the first physical product invented by Meta Nebulas was officially launched on that glamorous night. Let’s take a look at MNB Daily Hour! MNB Daily Hour was launched on 7th October, Meta Nebulas: Dawn of the New Era. We have invited guests from different countries such as Japan, Korea, Vietnam, … Read more

Hottest SocialFi Project Meta Nebulas Is Launching 2.0

Meta Nebulas, the Hottest SocialFi Project is here to bring several good news to its supporters since day 1! Meta Nebulas is a platform combining Social Mining, DeFi and NFT, we termed it as the trending SocialFi NFT platform. It is a platform utilising social platforms, NFT collectibles such as digital artworks, as well as … Read more

Meta Nebulas Launches 2 New Functions

Meta Nebulas launched 2 months ago and we have achieved thousands of users in our ecosystem. So what’s so interesting about us? First of all, Meta Nebulas has 3 ecosystems for users to make a living: SOCIALIZE-AND-EARN, NFT and Stakepool. So what’s SOCIALIZE-AND-EARN about? Players could start with 50 IONZ ($50 if IONZ is priced … Read more