Visa is Latest Multinational to File Metaverse Trademarks

Metaverse trademark filings just keep on coming into the US Patent and Trademark Office, this time from the Visa Credit card company. The filing dated 22nd of October encompasses many of the same trademarks as this week’s earlier metaverse filings by PayPal and Western Union. This is not Visa’s first foray into Web3 technology as … Read more

PayPal and Western Union Continue the Metaverse Trademark Fest

The multinational company stampede to book a spot in the coming metaverse continues apace this week with both Western Union and PayPal entering metaverse trademark filings at the USPTO. They follow earlier metaverse trademark filings by American Express and Coinbase’s foray into global money remittance earlier in the year, which allowed US dollars to be withdrawn in Pesos in … Read more