How to make money from Ocean V4

New innovations create new opportunities to make a profit Exciting times — Ocean V4 is here and it’s bringing a whole host of new possibilities. We’re absolutely delighted to deliver this huge upgrade — we hope you’re as excited as we are! Now if you’re wondering about how you can profit from some of these … Read more

Data sharing using the latest Web3 technologies

This is a transcript of Ocean Founder Bruce Pon’s latest talk at the MOBI Community Lecture Series. In his fourth presentation to the MOBI community since 2019, Bruce offers a deep dive into safe data sharing with blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. His lectUre also underlines the role of Ocean Protocol and its latest technical advances … Read more

SmartPlaces partners with Ocean Protocol to unlock data monetization for Web3 social interaction…

SmartPlaces Protocol is partnering with Ocean Protocol to enable users who contribute to social interactions through the SmartPlaces app to securely monetize their data while preserving their privacy. The mission behind SmartPlaces Protocol is to provide users with a new way of social interaction based on the benefits of blockchain technology. SmartPlaces Protocol makes it … Read more

Here’s why you should monetize your data over the blockchain

A step-by-step guide on publishing your first dataset on Ocean Market Have you ever wondered how to make money over the blockchain? If you have datasets to sell, you will be amazed at how simple the process is. The blockchain often sounds like a complex and abstract concept that requires a lot of technical knowledge. … Read more