How to Unbond KSM for Crowdloans

Moonbeam Foundation May 25 · 6 min read The approval of upgrade v0.9.1 on Kusama introduces crowdloan functionality to the network. A crowdloan is a funding mechanism that allows KSM holders to support a project by locking their tokens until the end of the lease of the slot. The parachain project can use these tokens … Read more

Moonriver Crowdloan — What You Need to Know

Moonbeam Foundation May 18 · 8 min read This post was created by the Moonbeam Foundation to provide additional clarity on the upcoming Moonriver crowdloan. The Moonbeam Foundation is excited to release additional details on Moonriver’s Kusama auction strategy. The Moonbeam Foundation has designed the Moonriver parachain auction strategy with fairness in mind. First and … Read more