Muse NFT Album a First for the Music Charts

British rock band Muse will release their ninth studio album, ‘Will of the People’, as an NFT. The band will use a new format, digital pressing. The new digital format will make it the first chart-eligible NFT album, which is a world-first for the music industry. The Muse NFT album sale The band made the … Read more

BeatHeadz music NFTs from Aloe Blacc and Philip Lumbang

Grammy-nominated recording artist Aloe Blacc and renowned LA street artist Philip Lumbang have teamed up for the launch of the debut “BeatHeadz” collection, at on April 21.  The generative profile picture (PFP) collection will consist of 10,808  headphones-adorned avatars and will feature accompanying beats that the team will later airdrop to collectors. Blacc, a strong advocate … Read more

John Kohl of TuneGO: ‘NFTs will Completely Change the Music Industry’

Find out why John Kohl, co-founder and CEO of TuneGO, sees NFT technology as a way to help creators reach their full potential, get the money they are due, and create stronger bonds with fans. “I’m family first, tech second,” says John Kohl. This vision of himself as a dedicated family man and tech pioneer … Read more

Grammy Awards Unveils NFT Collection

The Recording Academy Grammy Awards is one of the most prestigious and highly sought after awards in history, and now the team behind the awards is entering the NFT space. Grammy Awards: The Gold Standard for Music Few awards are more recognizable and revered than the Grammy Awards; for decades, it has been the pinnacle … Read more