UniArts Art Reimagined

Hey there reader! UniArts’ major functions are achieved by NPoS voting and on-chain governance which is aided by Substrate’s development. It also pairs nicely with other facilities which were developed with Substrate, such as Crust, which handles decentralized content storage, a must-have for NFT connoisseurs. Using UniArts is an extremely simple and straightforward process! Simply … Read more

SubDAO Announced a Cooperation with Privacy-Preserving AI network PlatON

SubDAO Network May 26·3 min read Polkadot DAO Infrastructure SubDAO announced a Cooperation with PlatON We are glad to announce a cooperation with the privacy-preserving AI network PlatON. SubDAO together with PlatON will realize the mutual integration of SubDAO and PlatON through multi-dimensional technical and ecological collaboration. As Polkadot’s DAO infrastructure, SubDAO is intended to … Read more