The state of Fine Art: How Non-Fungible Tokens are changing the scene

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have been making waves in digital art. What does this mean for fine art? Can these two worlds merge? We’ll explore why NFTs are gaining traction and how they might revolutionise how we value fine art. Is there a fine art market for NFTs? If you’re asking if fine art and NFTs … Read more

5 Trends in the NFT Space

There’s no question non-fungible tokens and the metaverse have created an explosive hype that has caused powerful ripples across the blockchain stratosphere. Moreover, they haven’t just impacted the digital world but have also influenced a slew of other industries such as art, gaming, finance, fashion, and much more. Businesses and investors are injecting staggering amounts … Read more

How a VR Company Became the Airbnb for NFTs

Jacob Loewenstein began his Augmented World Expo lecture by apologizing. Fewer than a hundred people sat disguised and separated in Ballroom B of the Santa Clara Convention Center in the heart of Silicon Valley. She leads business development at Spatial, a venture-backed startup that has spent years pushing enterprise clients to invest in (VR) Virtual … Read more

Shogunate – NFT Collection and P2E Game from 0xArt

Welcome to Shogunate – visually stunning NFTs, hand-drawn by Seiun, which you need to have in preparation for battle in 0xArt’s upcoming Play-to-Earn game – Shogunate Arena. Shogunate, being brought to life by an eclectic team of NFT and Blockchain veterans – including the founder of Meebits DAO, promises to be a real treat. Luckily … Read more

4 Common Misconceptions About Creating Art NFTs Debunked

About the Author: Wayne Chang is the General Manager at Saatchi Art, the world’s leading online art gallery. As General Manager, he is responsible for leading the Saatchi Art business both overseeing product development and overall brand strategy. As a visual artist and former web developer,  Chang’s expertise lies in building products at the intersection of … Read more

One Million.Gallery – An Exclusive Digital Canvas for NFT Collectors

We believe that the future of art, expression and status, is Digital. OneMillion.Gallery is home to 97 exclusive NFT Canvases. Each Canvas Space is blank and is its own NFT with unique properties, representing an exclusive Digital Canvas for Individuals, NFT Collectors, Investors and Enthusiasts to own. Each Canvas represents a piece of digital history and … Read more