Polka.Domain October Updates

Polka.Domain Just now路2 min read Hello Fall! 馃崅 In addition to our monthly progress updates, we also have an announcement regarding Polka.Domain鈥檚 direction 猬囷笍 Polka.Domain鈥檚 Current Action Plan: 1. Connect to the XToken module to implement cross-chain asset between the relay chain and the Polka.Domain chain2. Optimize the asset module to implement cross-chain asset between … Read more

JPEG summer is over. It鈥檚 over, right?

Matej Nem膷ek 馃尡馃實 Sep 27 路 6 min read Our core values of KodaDot were born as being open-source software, accessible to anyone and with active participation, learning from the issues we have (160+), incentivization scheme we鈥檝e had for developers and best of all, an awesome product with early ownership for anyone. In this article, … Read more

Learn on SubDAO: How NFT&DAO Work Together?

SubDAO Network Just now路9 min read After generating more than $2.5 billion in transactions in the first half of 2021, sales of these blockchain-based contracts (I.e., NFTs) have fallen sharply due to increasing criticism of the environmental impact of Ethereum, which is home to the vast majority of NFT trading activity, and the sound of … Read more

Your Wildest Assets Competition

Kate Beecroft Sep 3 路 3 min read It鈥檚 time to unleash your creativity and tell us what could you imagine with asset financing on Altair. Altair is the bridge from Centrifuge to Kusama, it is the experimental network for real world assets, and with it you will be able to tokenize assets and finance … Read more

How to Make and Trade NFTs

Want to get in on one of the most exciting markets in crypto? JOIN OUR TWITTER | TELEGRAM Table of contents: What is a Non-fungible Token, or NFT? How popular are NFTs? Why do people collect NFTs? What are the different types of NFTs?Digital ArtDomain NamesSports Memorabilia Where can I buy and resell NFTs? How … Read more

Announcing upcoming updates for PolkaRare NFT Marketplace MVP

PolkaRARE Just now路2 min read As promised, we鈥檙e thrilled to announce that our Marketplace MVP is getting exciting new updates. Along with the features that we have in the marketplace such as Gasless transactions, minting NFTs at lightning speed, and no requirement for Metamask to perform multiple tasks, here is a list of new updates … Read more

Hello Kusummer: KodaDot edition

Viki Valastin Jul 29 路 5 min read A lot of time passed since we have written the technical article about the KodaDot. Let鈥檚 walk you through what鈥檚 are new recent updates in KodaDot.So let鈥檚 fasten your seatbelt and we are ready to take off. Photo by Derick McKinney on Unsplash Sovereign comments under NFTs … Read more

TrustFi鈥娾斺奣he PLM Model: A Different Approach to Liquidity, The NFT Liquidity Ecosystem

TrustFi Network Jul 3 路 3 min read In this market, liquidity management is a key to the long-term success of projects. We at TrustFi are unlocking the true potential of DeFi with our three integrated products: the IDO General Protocol, TrustFi Alpha; a Decentralized Staking Contract, TrustFi Beta; and the closed-loop connection between the … Read more

Vote for TrustFi and support for SOLANA Season Hackathon @Asia

TrustFi Network Just now路4 min read TrustFi Team is going to participate in SOLANA Season Hackathon @Asia. We appreciate that you might like to vote for TrustFi and win Airdrop of NFTs and $TFI. The process is as follows: Step 1: Get a Sollet Wallet https://www.sollet.io/ Here is the guide to register and set up … Read more

Announcing PolkaRare NFT Staking Reward Program with Rage.Fan

PolkaRARE Just now路3 min read PolkaRare takes pride in announcing the daily accomplishments of our burgeoning platform and introducing the PolkaRare NFT Staking Reward Program with Rage.Fan. Rage.Fan is an innovative and fan-first decentralized protocol for fantasy sports and quizzes that allow users to earn rewards easily and offers a unique token with the dual … Read more