GameStop Set to Re-strategise Web3

GameStop has become an unlikely champion of the Web3 space, and after an underwhelming quarter performance, GameStop plans to go all-in with an NFT marketplace GameStop: Q2 NFT Marketplace GameStop is a company that should not be in existence, but thanks to unbelievable bravery and community behavior from the Reddit community, GameStop was not only … Read more

MetaOneVerse announces a token using Web3 technology

MetaOneVerse, an exciting token for the Web3 space, is set to introduce new features and functionalities for users; learn more about them below. MetaOneVerse is more than just a project with a hard-to-pronounce name; it is a HyperDeflationary token and full-stack system with support for blockchain, play-to-earn games, NFT marketplaces, Metaverse development, and Staking. MetaOneVerse … Read more

Sequoia Capital Aims to Exploit Weaknesses in OpenSea’s Dominance

Sequoia Capital is set to exploit certain things they consider to be weaknesses associated with OpenSea’s NFT marketplace dominance OpenSea: Google or Yahoo When it comes to NFTs, OpenSea is the gold standard for NFT marketplaces; this platform currently controls over 43% of the NFT trading market. If you want to buy or sell an … Read more