Road To KodaDot v2: Recapping The Last Chapter Of 2021

Kilian Kukelka Just now·9 min read The last months of 2021 have been quite productive for KodaDot. As our community keeps growing, our engineers and designers have been eager to make the platform, even more, user friendly. Just during December, a staggering amount of around 100 pull requests have been successfully merged into our codebase, … Read more

KodaDot 2.0 — Beta

Matej Nemček 🌱🌍 Just now·5 min read Since we’ve started doing KodaDot, we had taken tough decisions at the start. We’ve recycled the codebase from our well-memorized project and recently said goodbye to the old code. We will not forget, from where we came and who (Mattispaghetti) has brought us up here. ❤️‍🔥 … Read more