Blur Will Reward NFT Artists That Block OpenSea

In what is shaping up to be a battle of the NFT marketplace titans, Blur is promising to enforce full creator royalties for any creator that blocks their collection from trading on OpenSea. This announcement comes days after Blur successfully launched its token through an airdrop in which participants gained millions of BLUR tokens. Blur’s … Read more

Binance Marketplace Upgrade To Include Access To OpenSea NFTs

Binance NFT marketplace is planning an upgrade that will open up access to OpenSea NFTs for its users. The first phase of the upgrade took place yesterday after the platform integrated with OpenSea. As a result, fans of the Binance NFT marketplace can now access NFTs from a variety of marketplaces and blockchains. It’s a … Read more

Reddit NFT Collections are Outpacing Popular Blue-Chip Projects

Three Reddit collections have ranked within the top 10 projects on the biggest NFT marketplace, OpenSea. Reddit literally has millions of subreddits and users. It’s home to some of the biggest Blockchain, Crypto, and NFT communities on the web. So it’s no wonder that its NFT marketplace has become popular in a short amount of … Read more

Criticism as Haas Formula 1 Team Partners with OpenSea

The American-owned Haas F1 team’s recent announcement of an NFT partnership with Opensea, the World’s most popular NFT marketplace, has not gone down well with a section of Formula 1 fans. The announcement on the 3rd of November brings the lesser-known F1 team in line with other Formula 1 teams, including Ferrari, Mercedes, Red Bull Racing, and McLaren. … Read more

Ethereum NFT Sales Get Slight Bump As Bear Market Continues To Ravage

There is good news for holders of Ethereum NFTs. July saw sales of Ethereum’s NFTs hold steady despite a broader slowdown in overall NFT trading, according to OpenSea, the top NFT marketplace. Holders of Solana NFTs saw a more pronounced dip in sales that is more reminiscent of the current NFT bear market. OpenSea, the … Read more

Lady Ape NFTs Among the Top 10 Collections on OpenSea Within a Week

While many think the current crypto winter is not the best time to launch an NFT project, the Lady Ape Club (LAC) presents a different view. Just a few days after listing on OpenSea, the new Lady Ape NFTs became among the top 10 collections by 24-hour trading volume on OpenSea. On July 25, 2022, … Read more

Opensea Solana launchpad first project coming 20 July

OpenSea announced the opening of their Solana launchpad with two Solana projects from Solana creators chosen as the inaugural projects on the world’s largest NFT marketplace. The first Zoonies will launch n the 20th of July, followed by a second, Monkai, on the 26th of July. Their blog states that Opensea has faith in a … Read more

Opensea plans to take action against fake NFTs

As the popularity of NFTs grows, many people, entities, and organizations see them as a get money quick scheme, and a lot of the time, they take illegal actions to achieve their goals. NFTs created using stolen art A few months ago, the story of NFTs being created using stolen artworks hit our airwaves. The … Read more

OpenSea Discord Server just got hacked

OpenSea is currently the largest and most extensive NFT marketplace, and unfortunately, the company’s Discord server was a victim of hackers, here’s more on this shocking development OpenSea: The Gold standard In more ways than one, OpenSea is the gold standard and poster child of the NFT space; the company has one of the most … Read more