Opensea plans to take action against fake NFTs

As the popularity of NFTs grows, many people, entities, and organizations see them as a get money quick scheme, and a lot of the time, they take illegal actions to achieve their goals. NFTs created using stolen art A few months ago, the story of NFTs being created using stolen artworks hit our airwaves. The … Read more

OpenSea Discord Server just got hacked

OpenSea is currently the largest and most extensive NFT marketplace, and unfortunately, the company’s Discord server was a victim of hackers, here’s more on this shocking development OpenSea: The Gold standard In more ways than one, OpenSea is the gold standard and poster child of the NFT space; the company has one of the most … Read more

Popular Trends and Marketplaces for NFTs in 2022

The value of NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, is skyrocketing, so which marketplaces for NFTs should you be using? Last year, there was a surge in demand for digital assets with unique identifiers, as the average price jumped significantly.  Speculators often make up the bulk of buyers because they believe that the stock price will rise … Read more

OpenSea sets fresh daily trading record

For the last few weeks, reports of the NFT market being dead have permeated our airwaves, but now OpenSea recently set a new daily trading record leaving skeptics in awe NFTs aren’t dead If you’ve been in the NFT space for a while, you’ll most likely have heard reports from “experts” and industry players about … Read more

Solana’s MonkeyLeague Now on OpenSea

Albeit in BETA mode, this is a HUGE step for Solana’s, MonkeyLeague, their premium play to earn NFT game. The game NFTs that have been completely blowing up the Solana ecosystem is now available on the world-leading NFT marketplace and at a fraction of the cost in gas fees! Why?   Well, that is down to … Read more

Opensea acquires

Popular NFT marketplace, Opensea is well on its way to becoming the Google of NFTs after acquiring the NFT aggregator Gem. Find out more below.  A Masterclass in Eliminating The Competition  NFT marketplace superpower, Opensea is planting itself firmly on the path to ruling the crypto space after acquiring Gem, a leading marketplace aggregator. The … Read more

Solana NFTs Set to Debut on Rarible

The multi-chain Rarible Protocol has integrated Solana NFTs into its system. So get ready to start seeing Solana NFTs on the marketplace.  Solana NFTs: Exploring New Frontiers The multi-chain open-source Rarible protocol has announced that it’s finally integrating Solana NFTs into its database of supported assets. This announcement came just a week after NFTs … Read more

Solana NFTs are welcome in the OpenSea ecosystem

Wen Solana? Now Solana, OpenSea is finally ready to begin supporting Solana-based NFTs, and this puts a different spin on the entire NFT ecosystem OpenSea x Solana blockchain Telling you how OpenSea is the most extensive marketplace for NFTs will make me sound like a broken record, so I’ll breeze through that. If you’re not … Read more

Trade on OpenSea with Apple Pay and Credit Cards

OpenSea is set to support payment via traditional payment methods, including credit cards and Apple pay; here’s how this will affect the NFT space NFTs and Cryptocurrencies Since the onset of NFTs, the class of people that have adopted the technology the most includes young people and tech-savvy professionals. For some of us, understanding the … Read more

Insider Trading Former OpenSea Executive back in the NFT space

A former OpenSea executive who resigned from the marketplace in September 2021 due to allegations of insider trading is back in the NFT space Insider Trading in the Age of NFTs Insider trading is when a person or organization gets trading information that the general public doesn’t have access to. For decades, we’ve witnessed insider … Read more