Genshiro’s Kusama Crowdloan is Live! Learn How to Participate

Equilibrium Oct 6 · 3 min read Dear Genshirians, we’re happy to announce a new crowdloan campaign for our Genshiro parachain to prolong our parachain slot on Kusama! Genshiro is a versatile DeFi parachain on Kusama, which unifies various DeFi-related activities and products, including loan, synthetic asset trading, margin trading, and decentralized exchanges (DEX), onto … Read more

Why Polkadot’s recovery might just depend on this metric’s three-month high

Polkadot and its parachains have created a niche for themselves in the DeFi space, cumulatively accounting for $1.31 billion. And, looking at the investors’ response to these parachains, it seems like their auction will play a major role in pulling Polkadot out of its price slump. Going once, going twice, and… Efinity, the winner of … Read more

The winners of Kusama parachain auctions 16–20: SubSocial, Zeitgeist, Sakura, Crust Shadow, and…

The latest batch of Kusama auction winners features some really fascinating projects, including a prediction market, a decentralized social network, and even ‘the robot economy’. Who knows — perhaps one of them will outperform the market in 2022? Learn everything about SubSocial, Sakura, and others in our in-depth guide!‍ The leaderboard of Kusama’s parachain auctions … Read more

Interlay Dev & Ecosystem Update #5

Irena Mihova · Follow Nov 17, 2021 · 4 min read The autumn has rushed in with full force, intense and exciting! We had our first major challenge and we won — the 11th Slot in the Kusama parachain auctions! Now heading towards a new one — Interlay going Polkadot Our amazing community is growing, … Read more

Polkadot: Researcher reveals what helped these two parachains win their auctions

The first round of Polkadot’s parachain slot auctions might be over, but the action still ensues. What’s more, with parachains preparing for batch 2, investors need to reflect on the events of the first five auctions. To that end, a researcher from the Web3 Foundation analyzed the auctions to figure out exactly what made a … Read more

Coinshares report: Millions in inflows for Polkadot, post first batch of parachain auctions

Auction hard, and party harder. That seems to be the theme of the week as the Polkadot community celebrates the end of the first batch of parachain auctions. Members also cheered the winners who were onboarded on 18 December. Now, CoinShares’ Digital Asset Fund Flows Weekly report reveals the aftermath of the auctions. A ‘Para’ millions … Read more

Are Polkadot’s parachain auctions keeping up with expectations

With the market staying macro bearish, most of the assets and their blockchains are currently relying on network developments for recovery. Well, Polkadot isn’t any different. It has the Parachain auctions at hand as a tool to engage in the limelight. However, it seems to be not working out as they expected it to. Polkadot … Read more

The Interlay Parachain Crowdloan Opens on 14 December

Irena Mihova Dec 10 · 5 min read The Interlay Crowdloan will start on 14th December! BTC ♥️ Polkadot! Interlay is entering the Polkadot auction in Batch 2 to win a parachain slot (6–11) and will hold a crowdloan to collect support from the community. Once live, Interlay’s interBTC will bring Bitcoin to the Dotsama … Read more

Parallel Finance wins fourth round of Polkadot parachain slot auctions

While you might be used to the adrenaline rush of a real life auction – or one in a movie – crypto auctions come with their own share of drama. Polkadot’s ongoing parachain slot auction is one example of this. Parallel goes straight up Parallel Finance announced that it had won the fourth parachain slot … Read more

CoinShares report suggests link between Polkadot outflows and parachain auctions

The market is in extreme fear and most of the top twenty five cryptos are in the red. At press time, Polkadot was the ninth biggest blockchain by market cap, and dotting the i’s of bills at $28.19. While the alt coin dropped by 20.85% in seven days, it rose by 3.84% in the last day. … Read more