Phala Network 2023 Roadmap

Phala Network Mar 6 · 3 min read TLDR In 2022, Phala Network took major strides in 4 key areas, decentralization, innovation, utility, and community: 18k+ servers, providing 142k+ vCPUs, running in over 50 cities; 1,434 commits and 408 PR’s across all our repos; Phat Contract, our flagship revolutionary product, is feature complete and in … Read more

Phala 2022: Year in Review

Phala Network Dec 30 · 10 min read TLDR 2022 was quite a big year for Phala. We have made significant progress, including the launch of PhalaWorld Soulbound NFT, Phat Contract development and the completion of several phases of Phala Network upgrade. We’ve also made massive strides in partnerships, community, and our ecosystem. In this … Read more

SubBridge Supports Transfer Between Crab and Khala, PhalaWorld Released New Origin Shell…

Phala Network Aug 15 · 3 min read 👷 Khala/Phala Secure Worker Mining 🙋 Khala Democracy Governance Khala has 1 Democracy referendum underway this week. Treasury accumulated 15.65 M PHA. Democracy Referendum #54: This referendum is a public proposal without specific content and should be rejected. #55: This referendum comes from a parliamentary motion to … Read more