Does Polkadot’s decentralization offer more incentive than profits

A significant feature of any blockchain is its decentralized nature. The miners and validators in the decentralized world play an important role. Not to forget, the capability of a chain to prevent any attack is of utmost importance. And, Polkadot seems to be leading in that space. Polkadot – the safest chain? Calling Polkadot the … Read more

With Polkadot [DOT] suffering a bull trap on the charts, here’s all you need to know

As the rest of the cryptocurrency market traded flat during trading hours on 10 June, Polkadot (DOT) saw some growth in its price. The DOT token registered an intraday high of 5% during trading hours. However, another look at the token’s performance in the last 24 hours revealed that it proceeded to shed the accrued … Read more

Finally making an ATH, Polkadot must now cross these milestones on its way to $80

After three months of sustained rally with occasional speed breakers, Polkadot made an ATH of $51.59 ahead of its first parachain auctions getting approved. The parachain auctions had been in development throughout the year. The euphoria surrounding their 4 November launch seemed to be the main driving force behind the altcoin’s rally to a new … Read more

These factors are setting up the stage for Polkadot’s rally to new ATH

For over three months now, Polkadot has had a sustained rally with occasional speed breakers, but an all-in-all-good run. However, DOT’s last three attempts to blast above its ATH have gone in vain.  Polkadot traded at $43.30 noting 1.28% daily gains, alongside Bitcoin comfortably sitting above $61K. It almost seemed like the stage was set … Read more