Polkadot [DOT] remains investors’ favorite as its ecosystem and token…

Polkadot’s NFT space witnessed growth in the last week Metrics were in DOT’s support, helping it increase its value  Polkadot [DOT] posted its weekly roundup on 6 February, which mentioned all the notable developments that happened in its ecosystem during the last seven days. The developments were not only confined to Polkadot but also included … Read more

Polkadot investors can expect marvels in 2023 only if DOT can cross these hurdles

Polkadot’s market cap witnessed a massive surge in the last two days  DOT’s short-term outlook starts shifting in favor of the bulls, but a rally remains at bay The Polkadot network seems to be concluding November on an interesting note courtesy of its Sub0 conference. The network released an update highlighting some developments that may … Read more

Going long on Polkadot? You might want to consider these developments first

Polkadot, with its recent introduction of nomination pools, allowed users to stake with just one DOT. However, despite making Polkadot staking more accessible to users, the number of stakers continued to decline. 17/ Just 4 days after nomination pools launched on Polkadot, there are 64 pools to choose from, reaching the maximum number of pools … Read more

With Polkadot [DOT] suffering a bull trap on the charts, here’s all you need to know

As the rest of the cryptocurrency market traded flat during trading hours on 10 June, Polkadot (DOT) saw some growth in its price. The DOT token registered an intraday high of 5% during trading hours. However, another look at the token’s performance in the last 24 hours revealed that it proceeded to shed the accrued … Read more

Polkadot: Can its Parachains present the case for a recovery on the charts

Polkadot investors have been in a difficult situation for a while now. And with the emerging developments, it may look like they are helping their case, in actuality,  aren’t. And that case is Polkadot’s Parachains. Polkadot’s value The Polkadot ecosystem brought forth a new element to the crypto space with the Parachains, which just yesterday … Read more

Polkadot for Ukraine, but will Ukraine be enough for Polkadot

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine recently sent the crypto-market tumbling. Now, while most coins, including Polkadot, still haven’t recovered fully, it seems that it could happen soon. In fact, Ukraine might have a huge hand in the same.  Polkadot in Ukraine To aid the defense efforts against Russia, Ukraine began encouraging donations of fiat and crypto … Read more

Polkadot is the hub of development, but can it be of investment too

As per the report from Electric Capital, Polkadot is currently the second biggest ecosystem after Ethereum to see development on-chain. This is not surprising since Polkadot is known to have a significantly higher development activity in comparison to other major altcoins. Polkadot has the second-highest developers after Ethereum | Source: Electric Capital Even though Solana … Read more

Polkadot needs a nudge from Bitcoin, but how long is the wait

Polkadot, as a one of the top 10 cryptocurrencies, witnesses significant network activity. In fact, it has comparatively one of the highest development activities of all the top 10 coins. However, that does not make it immune from the developments of the market and after today, it looks like the altcoin needs the king coin … Read more