Polkadot [DOT] remains investors’ favorite as its ecosystem and token…

Polkadot’s NFT space witnessed growth in the last week Metrics were in DOT’s support, helping it increase its value  Polkadot [DOT] posted its weekly roundup on 6 February, which mentioned all the notable developments that happened in its ecosystem during the last seven days. The developments were not only confined to Polkadot but also included … Read more

Will Polkadot’s [DOT] new parachain fix the blockchain?

AlephZero was added to Polkadot as the 38th parachain. Despite declining activity, staker interest and development activity increased. AlephZero, a zkSnark based cryptocurrency, was added to Polkadot [DOT] as the 38th parachain on the network. This addition to Polkadot could likely improve the state of its ecosystem. However, despite the growing ecosystem, there were areas … Read more

Polkadot outshines other networks in the last month with the highest…

In the last 30 days, Polkadot saw the highest number of development activity. User activity on the chain climbed during the period.  Polkadot [DOT] has emerged as a leading blockchain in terms of development activity, according to Santiment. The network recorded the highest number of GitHub commits in the last month, showing a high level … Read more

A look at Polkadot’s growth through the lens of DFG’s latest report

Polkadot’s latest annual update offered healthy insights into the areas where the network achieved growth. Solid development activity, as well as parachain and relay chain growth, highlighted the ecosystem’s expansion. Now that things in the crypto market are looking more favorable, the focus has now shifted towards growth and long-term projections. The best way to … Read more

Polkadot development surges, but revenue decline concerns investors, as…

Polkadot development activity increased, but revenue declined. Stakers on the network remain undeterred, as volatility presented buying opportunities. Polkadot [DOT]‘s development activity soared over the past few months, Token Terminal reported on 16 January. This spike in activity could be attributed to the growing number of projects and developments within the Polkadot ecosystem. long-term builders … Read more

Will Polkadot’s network achievements garner some support for an ailing DOT

Development activity on Polkadot [DOT] reached an all-time high among other blockchains. This is a major feat for the network as it continues to thrive by introducing upgrades at regular intervals. Polkadot Insider, a Polkadot-dedicted Twitter handle, also posted an update about this milestone in a recent post. Will these developments have any meaning for … Read more

Polkadot: Can its Parachains present the case for a recovery on the charts

Polkadot investors have been in a difficult situation for a while now. And with the emerging developments, it may look like they are helping their case, in actuality,  aren’t. And that case is Polkadot’s Parachains. Polkadot’s value The Polkadot ecosystem brought forth a new element to the crypto space with the Parachains, which just yesterday … Read more

Polkadot [DOT] – Is 22% hike first step towards recovering 2022’s losses

With Bitcoin changing the market’s mood today, multiple altcoins have skyrocketed. Some others like Polkadot have noted sustainable hikes too, adding to its already impressive performance. Polkadot gets moving Bitcoin registered its highest single-day rally in more than two weeks – 5.2%. This price action pushed BTC to not only close above $44.6k, but also … Read more

Why Polkadot’s recovery might just depend on this metric’s three-month high

Polkadot and its parachains have created a niche for themselves in the DeFi space, cumulatively accounting for $1.31 billion. And, looking at the investors’ response to these parachains, it seems like their auction will play a major role in pulling Polkadot out of its price slump. Going once, going twice, and… Efinity, the winner of … Read more

Are Polkadot’s parachain auctions keeping up with expectations

With the market staying macro bearish, most of the assets and their blockchains are currently relying on network developments for recovery. Well, Polkadot isn’t any different. It has the Parachain auctions at hand as a tool to engage in the limelight. However, it seems to be not working out as they expected it to. Polkadot … Read more