Short update and FAQ on the Pontem Incentivized Testnet Program: A retrospective and looking ahead.

Our incentivized testnet program launched last December has been successful in helping us stress test a Parachain deployment of the Move VM in Polkadot and Kusama. We learned a lot in the process of maintaining a network of up to 101 active collators from a candidate pool of over 1200 qualified unique nodes. Due to … Read more

Pontem Incentivized Testnet Program

‍Summary:In order to stress test the Pontem Network prior to launching our canary network Nox on Kusama, Pontem will be sponsoring an incentivized testnet program and grant program for early collators on the network. To qualify each staker must undergo KYC to whitelist their node(s) to prevent spam on the test network. By undergoing KYC … Read more

Answering popular questions on Pontem Future development:

Pontem Network · Follow Feb 3 · 3 min read 1. What will be the use case of your mainnet given the change of direction from Meta and Diem? For those that are not aware, the Diem Association made up of a consortium of companies including Meta (Facebook) recently sold their assets to Silvergate bank. … Read more


We remind you that on December 14, Pontem Network with DIA held an AMA session! You can get acquainted with the DIA’s first half an hour of the session here: The questions of the Pontem part you can see below: Do you believe that decentralized finance and future privacy regulations can — and will — … Read more

Pontem’s AMA (Ask Me Anything) Recap with Pinknode

Pontem Network Just now·6 min read JOIN OUR TELEGRAM TO LEARN MORE We recently hosted an Ask Me Anything (AMA) to celebrate the partnership between Pontem and Pinknode. Through this collaboration, both teams aim to provide crucial infrastructure for Web 3.0 purposes. Below is a transcript of our session with Eric from the Pinknode, to … Read more

Pinknode’s Cross-AMA Recap with Pontem Network

Pinknode Jul 28 · 7 min read Hey Pinknode Community! Last week, we hosted a cross-AMA session with our esteemed partner Pontem Network in our community chat. Co-founder & CEO Stas Oskin, Co-founder & CTO Boris Povod, and CMO Alejo Pinto answered questions about upcoming plans, technical setup, and goals for Pontem Network. You can … Read more

New Product Releases: Staking & Vesting Functionality & Keeping Up With the Latest Diem…

Pontem Network Just now·5 min read We are excited to announce our latest product release. We have been working hard on improving our Move VM, tooling and Substrate pallets. This release will not only maintain network compatibility with the latest Diem Blockchain developments, but also add new functionality for staking, vesting and Polkadot Parachain data … Read more

KYC and AML in crypto: the differing perspectives of Facebook’s Diem and Pontem Network

Pontem Network Just now·7 min read Join the official Telegram chat. Some view KYC checks as a necessary evil; others, as the best way to protect end users. In any case, crypto platforms often have no choice but to introduce KYC — or shut down. The upcoming Diem by Facebook will be the most compliant … Read more

Cryptocurrency Yield Farming: What, Why, How and Risks

Pontem Network Just now·5 min read Cryptocurrency yield farming, also known as liquidity mining, is a process that can yield significant amounts of crypto. However, it’s not easy to do and there are risks involved. In this article, we’ll explore yield mining on Ethereum, Binance Chain, Polkadot and other blockchains. We’ll also discuss what yield … Read more

Pontem, a crypto project aiming to be a more decentralized version Facebook’s Diem, raises a $4.5M

Pontem Network 4 days ago·4 min read Pontem, the decentralized application (dapp) framework for Facebook’s Diem project raises a $4.5M seed round led by Mechanism Capital and Kenetic Capital that includes other notable funds and established crypto companies Pontem allows crypto projects to use the established ecosystems of secure networks like Ethereum, Polkadot and EOS … Read more