Dora Factory Completed Milestone-2 of The 2nd Web3 Foundation Grant

DoraFactory ·Just now We are glad to update that Dora Factory has completed the second milestone of our Open Grant at Web3 Foundation — we successfully built MolochDAO v2 pallet on Substrate. The new open source pallet can be used by any Substrate chain, parachain, or a relaychain to implement MolochDAO v2 for grant DAO … Read more

Launched! Dora Factory Community Quadratic Funding Grant Round-1

DoraFactory Just now·2 min read As the next step towards decentralizing the DORA token and building the DORA Factory infrastructure, we are launching the very first community quadratic funding grant, Dora Factory Community QF Grant (aka. the DAO Hack). The goal of this community grant round is to incentivize and reward developers building Dora Factory … Read more