Parachain Secured!

Centrifuge just won the auction for a parachain slot on Polkadot 🥳 Cassidy Jan 27 · 3 min read Centrifuge just won a parachain slot! Now we are all systems go to bring RWAs to the Polkadot ecosystem 🌀 Centrifuge is the home for real-world DeFi. With Centrifuge connected to Polkadot — and soon parachains … Read more

How to onboard on to the RWA Market — a step-by-step guide

Anna Dec 29 · 3 min read We launched the first permissioned market for Real World Assets (RWA) on the Aave protocol. For those that don’t know, briefly: This will allow Aave depositors to earn yield against stable, uncorrelated real world collateral while Centrifuge asset originators can borrow money from Aave, automatically balance capital needs … Read more