Monthly Update #October 2021: Coinversation Fully Upgraded, Kaco Launched on Shiden , Ranking First…

Coinversation Protocol Just now·4 min read Kaco built a bridge between BSC and KSM with AnySwap, and bridge $KAC to Shiden Kaco launched on Shiden, and Dapp Staking is enabled Kaco became the №1 Dapp on Shiden Coinversation announced a comprehensive upgrade, defining Defi2.0 and NFT protocol Kaco launched Global Ambassadors Program Kaco and Astar … Read more

TrustFi Network Genesis Report

TrustFi Network Just now·6 min read Overview TrustFi successfully listed dual IDOs on BscStation and TrustPad on June 7th, and then listed $TFI on PancakeSwap and BscStation Swap. The followings are the trading addresses: 🎂Trade on PancakeSwap: ⚖️ Trading Pair: TFI-BNB 🥞Trade on Bsc Station Swap: ⚖️ Trading Pair: TFI-BUSD 📈 Dextools: … Read more