Rococo Revamp — Becoming a Community Parachain Testbed

Polkadot Oct 15 · 3 min read By Ben Weiß, Parity Technologies Ecosystem Success Lead Rococo has come a long way over its short life. Initially conceived to test parachain functionality back in summer 2020, it has now evolved to become the testnet for teams building parachains in the ecosystem. Rococo V0 enabled the first … Read more

The Role of Rococo in the Moonriver Launch Strategy

Katherine May 13 · 5 min read The purpose of this blog is to clarify our plans for Moonbeam as it relates to the Rococo TestNet and to explain what role we see Rococo playing for us now and in the future. For some context, Rococo is a Relay Chain TestNet run by Parity (the … Read more