Moonriver and Moonbeam Natively Supports Auto-Compounding of Staking Rewards

Katherine Nov 3, 2022 · 4 min read Singapore — November 03, 2022 — Moonbeam, the top destination for multi-chain applications on Polkadot, has released runtime 1901 in Moonriver, and soon, Moonbeam, after the passing referendum 116. Runtime 1901 includes new features that allow users to auto-compound staking rewards earned on the Moonriver and Moonbeam … Read more

New Cross-Chain XCM-to-EVM Functionality on Moonbase Alpha

Katherine Aug 4 · 3 min read Runtime 1701 Includes New Connected Contract Functionality to Enable Other Parachains to Interact with the Moonbeam EVM, Now in Testing Boston, MA — August 4, 2022 — Moonbeam, the top destination for cross-chain connected applications, has introduced new functionality that pushes cross-chain connectivity within Polkadot to the next … Read more

Moonbeam Monthly Dispatch February 2022

Katherine · Follow Mar 1 · 6 min read What a month! Our team has been busy connecting with our community and spreading the word about Moonbeam at ETHDenver 2022, our ecosystem continues to grow with exciting new integrations, and the Moonbeam Foundation announced the Take Flight distribution to participants was successfully completed. We have … Read more