Polkadot DevCamp Intake #2

Polkadot Sep 26 · 4 min read Your path to parachain engineering starts here Following hot on the heels of the hugely successful first Polkadot DevCamp in May, and to meet demand from new prospective applicants, we are delighted to announce that the second edition of Polkadot DevCamp has been slated for this fall. All … Read more

Why this programming language is a favorite with Jack Dorsey, and Polkadot

Which is the best programming language? This is a question – and a perfect argument starter – that has been around almost since the birth of computers. With crypto adoption now on the rise, programming languages are trending again. Choosing one or the other comes with huge implications for not just builders, but the goal … Read more

Bridging Polkadot with Ethereum Ecosystem with ParaState — Hackathon now LIVE!

Pinknode Nov 15 · 5 min read We are proud to announce our partnership with ParaState, a decentralized open-source smart contract platform that seeks to expand the developer community by supporting over 20 programming languages to create Ethereum-compatible smart contracts, and facilitate interoperability between Ethereum and Substrate based chains through their cutting edge smart contract … Read more

Comparison of The Top 10 Smart Contract Programming Languages in 2021

PrerequisitesThis article is for developers that are familiar with blockchain and smart contracts. If you are not comfortable with these terminologies, first watch this 5 min video explaining blockchain simply. You can also use this blockchain guide for beginners to reference key terms when you read. As a blockchain developer that has joined the space … Read more

Dora Factory Open Grant Now Accepts Application

DoraFactory Just now·2 min read According to the Dora Factory Whitepaper, 15% of the initial DORA total supply is reserved for the Open Grant Program. The Open Grant Program supports developers and teams around the world to help build the Dora Factory infrastructure and ecosystem. We are accepting individuals and teams with strong passion and … Read more